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Altium: Helping Design Premium PCB’s since 1985

Printed circuits have been around since the 1950’s. Transcending time, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) have become the most important component of electronics. The immense integration …

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Anil Annadata, CEO, CodeObjects

Making Effective, Simple to Use Insurance Systems: California-Based CodeObjects Is at The Forefront of PAS Innovation

Simplified, flexible, and more profitable insurance operations from quote to renewal – CodeObjects was founded with this simple vision in mind. Today CodeObjects is a …

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Mr. Robert Wilson, President & CEO

R2C Incorporated: An Initiative to Serve and Honor America’s Warfighters with Superior Products & Solutions

Honor. Respect. Gratitude. This is what we should be feeling while honoring our military veterans who volunteered to serve the country and the citizens by …

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Maninder Singh, CEO, Manzeera Solutions

Manzeera Solutions: Helping Organizations Meet Their Growth Goals Continuously While Keeping the Business Data Integrated

We live in a technologically progressive era, where digital advancements have entered into every aspect of our everyday lives and revolutionized them. One of its …

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Flavio Gomes, CEO, LogiSense

LogiSense: Addressing Complex Usage Ratings and Billing Challenges

The world is going to see nearly 20 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT is in focus so we can safely say that the potential …

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Dr. Tigran Haas Director KTH

The Centre for the Future of Places has Been Established to Promote Sustainable Urban Development by Shifting the Urban Discourse from Objects to Places

In a colloquy with Dr. Tigran to get to the bottom of the company Why Did CFP Originate? The purpose of the Centre for the …

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Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO & Founder, Kiran Smart

Innovative Solutions for Business Transformation: Kiran Smart

At The Chief’s Digest, we believe that kindness and compassion are the universal traits that truly unite us all. And these traits are worthy to …

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Thomas Zanzinger, CEO, Inriver

One PIM Solution. Endless Business Possibilities in A Digital-First World Inriver

In today’s digital world, product information has become an organization’s digital front door. However, the number of channels, marketplaces, and fluctuating requirements of these channels …

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Robert Eppele, CEO of gotomyerp

gotomyerp: Enabling Digital Transformation in Enterprises With Innovative Cloud Hosting Application and Business Acumen

Businesses relying on in-house servers may have to face downtime unexpectedly. Moreover, having an entirely disaster-proof system is tough to achieve. By opting for cloud …

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Optimizing Data Solutions

Optimizing Data Solutions: Minneapolis Based Evolving Solutions, A Complete Data Solution

Technology is evolving and changing every day. Modern platforms, hybrid cloud solutions,and software applications can have multiple uses depending on requirements and capabilities. The technology …

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Edwin Budiman, CEO of ED SEN Consulting

ED-SEN Consulting: Your Collaborative Partner for Establishing High-Performing & Transformational Business

The modern-day business is anything but predictable. The market is ever-evolving and the nature of work is also changing fast. In the current times, organizations …

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Howard Gross, president & CEO

eBizDocs: Commitment to Excellence and Result-Oriented Document Management Solutions

With the advent of digitalization, organizations are increasingly shifting towards the adoption of electronic files for most of their operations. However, paper use in offices …

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High-Quality real-time Communications Media from Dialogic

Communication is as old as mankind itself, or even longer. We are constantly communicating, be it with others or with oneself and it is an …

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Innovate while you Authenticate with Daon

We are living in times where security is a prime concern of every individual, business organization, and even the government. We live in fear of …

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David Ainsworth, CEO, ClikPak

ClikPak, Inc.: Innovative e-commerce solution, providing low risk and high impact on your enterprise’s profitability

ClikPak offers a unique business model, giving partner organizations their own brand world-class eCommerce solution in just weeks. Partners entering eCommerce are faced with multiple …

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Patrick Nichols, the CEO of ClearSlide

The Sales Engagement Platform Leader: ClearSlide

Sales and marketing teams are under unprecedented pressure to grow revenue and increase operational efficiency. Buyers now have access to more information than ever before, …

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Steve Wilcenski, Co-Founder & CEO of BNNano, Inc.

BNNano, Inc.: A Firm Where Material Science Meets Technology, Innovation, Perseverance, And Grit

“No matter how exciting a technology might be, regardless of what it enables, the cost will ultimately decide when and if the technology will be …

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blue eagle consulting

Bridging the Gap between software and operations: Blue Eagle Consulting

Over the past few years, the medical business has made brisk strides with the execution of Information Technology flourishing in the healthcare industry. Via information …

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Darren Moore, Co-founder & CEO, ACE

Artist Crowdfund Exchange: A Promising Platform for Emerging Talent and Creatives To Break Down Economic & Socio-Demographic Barriers

We’ve all known people who make things happen against all odds. We, at The Chief’s Digest, believe that’s what leadership is all about – making …

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Marc Rippen, CEO, Alertgy

Alertgy: Transforming Blood Sugar Monitoring; Transforming Lives

How does one bring a positive impact on the world? Many of us would agree that every change that has been brought in the world …

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Kevin Steer, Founder & CEO, 121Advisor

One Two One Advisor Sdn. Bhd. : Leading Innovations and Digital Business Transformations Through FinTech & InsurTech Solutions

In this modern world of the competitive and digital-first market, organizations have no option but to cut through the noise and stand out for their …

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Wiland: Delivering a Brighter, more Profitable Future for Clients

Wiland: Delivering a Brighter, more Profitable Future for Clients The entire world is spinning on the market and businesses are rapidly maximizing their returns based …

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Ksenia Yudina, the founder & CEO of UNest

UNest: Investment Made Easy To Secure Your Child’s Future Goals

Women’s Entrepreneurship is key to improving the social and economic growth of societies across the world, but it seems like the area is insufficiently acknowledged. …

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Meinhardt, CEO, Cloudwords

Cloudwords: Driving Speed, Scale, and Sophistication for Global Marketers

Companies of all sizes are in the midst of digitally transforming everything they do, ranging from the products and services they create to the go-to-market …

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