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The Sales Engagement Platform Leader: ClearSlide

Patrick Nichols, the CEO of ClearSlide

Sales and marketing teams are under unprecedented pressure to grow revenue and increase operational efficiency. Buyers now have access to more information than ever before, and sales teams must be prepared to understand buyer needs and respond quickly. Best-in-class organizations have started to address these challenges. SanFrancisco based Clearslide aims to transform the business of selling.

It is a Sales Engagement & Enablement Platform that connects Marketing and Sales by delivering dynamic, customer-centric content. Clearslide works with customers worldwide at improving sales rep productivity, sales leader insight and content effectiveness.

ClearSlide is the system of engagement that makes every customer interaction successful. They strive to deliver the most intuitive, complete, and open Sales Engagement & Enablement Platform that integrates content, communications, and actionable insights to improve business results.

Since the company’s founding in 2009, they have looked for ways to create amazing customer experiences. With numerous technology patents and product awards, they are the Sales Engagement Platform leader in a fast-growing industry.

Transforming Sales

The company started with making enablement tools for sellers, giving them a better way to instantly engage with buyers through email, online presentations, and in-person meetings. Then they added robust content management capabilities for marketers to get the right content into the hands of SDRs, inside and field sellers, wherever they work. Sales and Marketing Leaders have always loved ClearSlide’s engagement analytics to understand better what’s working and improve productivity.

With every new release, ClearSlide provides the next-generation sales system for managing opportunities, teams, and individual reps based on actual customer engagement data. Their New Engagement Quadrant dashboards quickly identify deals at risk, coaching opportunities across sales stages, and actionable “next-step” insights to improve forecasting and business results. Their recommended sales and marketing content is tailored for every customer interaction – from prospect to close.

ClearSlide delivers the right content at the right time – in a way that’s trackable, measurable, and actionable. Their cloud content library is a single source of truth for sales content, marketing collateral, tools, and customer-facing materials that sales teams can draw from whether they are preparing for that big meeting, in the middle of a meeting, writing an email, or on the road.

Their platform allows Marketing and Sales Enablement teams to create and recommend marketing collateral by sales stage, customer-facing role, or industry – with recommended next-step interaction cards. Robust group-based permissions can be set by user, team, or group so sales reps only see the content that is meant for them. They provide detailed slide-by-slide content analytics on what content is being used and how customers respond during interactions.

ClearSlide Sales Enablement + Engagement

A Sales Engagement Platform is defined as an integrated and easy-to-use platform that enables and guides the sharing of high-impact content with customers, delivers actionable insights for what to do next, and integrates and auto-logs to CRM. ClearSlide is recognized as a pioneer and the most complete Sales Platform by several analyst firms and industry organizations. There are hundreds of sales enablement tools available – however, most are only able to accomplish a small part of the selling process. ClearSlide, however, provides a complete sales platform. It increases sales efficiency by providing tools for Content Management, e-mail tracking, engagement analytics and guided selling. They are integrating Enablement and Engagement tools to provide more meaningful ways to engage with customers as sellers.

ClearSlide Winter 2020 Release

The Winter 2020 release is a new release of ClearSlide’s Sales Platform. This update provides Data-Centred Email, Outreach, and Content Feedback. It provides new features for the entire sales and marketing process. Sales reps can take advantage of their new AI-powered Spam Checker to get an instant spam score on email content and get more email opens.

It also provides Sales and Operations Managers the use of a new Gmail plugin to share and track individual engagement with training content via email. For Marketing & Sales Enablement teams, their new Content Feedback system creates a dialogue between content owners and sales to help fine-tune content strategy. Sales Engineering & Implementation Teams can use the new notification center in Gmail to share and track individual engagement with standardized support content.

Their new Gmail plugin will also allow teams to view complete customer engagement and email activity data in Gmail. It will also improve collaboration with Social Commenting by creating a dialogue between content owners and sales to fine-tune content strategy. Users will share feedback for the asset right after the meeting – fresh from customer interaction. The team will receive email notifications for tagged comments and replies and see who liked the asset. This will enable the Sales team to understand how content is resonating with peers.

The Man Behind The Success | Patrick Nichols, Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Nichols serves as Corel’s CEO. He joined the company in 2009. Before becoming Chief Executive Officer, Patrick held the role of President of WinZip and General Manager of Corel, Roxio, Pinnacle and ReviverSoft, leading the transformation of Corel’s acquired brands and setting the strategic direction of the company’s product lines. Patrick has played a key role in Corel’s success, serving on the management team responsible for nearly tripling the company’s operating income over the last three years.

Prior to joining Corel, Patrick served as a General Manager within the Trilogy/Versata family of companies where he was responsible for new acquisitions and business ownership of a portfolio of Versata companies. Before joining Trilogy/Versata, Patrick worked as a product manager and technical consultant at Microsoft and served as a researcher for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy through the Cornell Engineering and Theory Center. He holds a BS from Cornell University.

“Our employees view managers more as mentors and coaches, rather than as people to report to or receive assignments from. Managers know the importance of creating an environment where people feel comfortable, appreciated, and supported, so they mold their roles around guidance and teaching in order to help team members grow and become better in their respective careers.”