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Innovative Solutions for Business Transformation: Kiran Smart

Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO & Founder, Kiran Smart

At The Chief’s Digest, we believe that kindness and compassion are the universal traits that truly unite us all. And these traits are worthy to possess in the business world as well. Compassion can manifest itself in leadership and help businesses achieve stronger and positive results.

In the light of the above-mentioned, today we have the pleasure of bringing forward the story of a company that aims at offering solutions to core business issues, but was started with roots in compassion.

Kiran Smart is a Kuwait-based company founded in 2019 by Mohammed Mubin Mallick. When asked about the motivation behind starting Kiran Smart, Mubin recalls that it all started when he was a child. One day, he saw many people asking for financial help to fund their children’s education, build their shelter, and even for the basic necessities of life, i.e., food and clothes.

“It brought tears to my eyes to see them in that situation and realizing that I am helpless to do anything that could change their life,” mentioned Mubin. “And that was the day, I decided I would do something for the needy to the best of my capabilities,” he added.

Mubin attributes this childhood event as one of the primary motivations to start his own company. He believes having a business can help generate good profits, which can be shared to serve people altruistically.

Kiran Smart: The Beginnings

Mubin began his research in October 2017 on Humanoid Robots Services and Solutions. Before this, none of the Gulf Countries were known to the field, as no one had predicted the future; hence, it was a smart move taken by him to enter the field of robotics. After intensive research, the company transitioned as a distributor and acted as an agent for a few renowned robot manufacturers in Russia, China, Singapore, Finland, and Holland. At first, when robotic solutions by Kiran Smart started moving into the market, it was tough to convince people and explain it to them.

This did not deter CEO and Founder – Mohammed Mubin Mallick. He invested a considerable amount of money in marketing, creating awareness among people for the robotic solutions. Today, due to COVID-19, the whole world understood that it needs robots to save humans.

His contribution to robotic solutions has been acknowledged in healthcare, banks, hospitality, malls, airports, oil & gas, factories, warehouse, and many industries. However, COVID-19 has opened the market around the world and the BUZZ word in the world is now Robots which really helped Kiran Smart and Mi-Robots to be active in the market due to Pandemic 2020.

Interview Excerpt: Mubin speaks further about his journey with Kiran Smart and their plans going ahead.

What are your company offerings?

We started with offering IT solutions and services to the local market by collaborating and partnering with multiple IT product vendors worldwide. Some of the hardware products we offer include network switches, wireless access points, network firewall, HSIA – Surfsonix, servers, back-up devices, printers & PCs, Smart devices, Smart touch table, Interactive touch screens, Digital screens, restaurant pagers, service robots, and disinfection robots.

Speaking of our software product offerings, we have email signature, digital marketing software, anti-virus, backup & disaster recovery, network security software, and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) as services.

Tell us about your challenges during the initial days, and how you managed to overcome them?

The word Challenge is my favorite because for me “Challenge is the factor that pushes me ahead to achieve my goals in life”. There were many initial challenges we faced like gaining the trust of customers, generating revenue, surviving in the market with tough competition, being more innovative, finding better suppliers, getting the right candidates as employees, and several others.

We realized that overcoming any challenge is not easy unless there’s a good strategy and plan in place. So, for every challenge we faced, we came up with the right strategies to overcome it and make it a success.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

It is difficult to predict the future as technology advancement is so rapid. We are developing every day, and continuously focusing on improving our solutions and services, especially our Robotics Solutions which is demanded worldwide. To cater to the demand, we are establishing our presence in different countries to operate wherever is feasible.

In places where that’s not possible, we are appointing distributors or partners who can provide the solutions and services locally. We would like to see our company recognized as one of the most innovative solutions and service providers in the world.

How has your journey been so far?

The journey so far has been like the wave of an ocean. What do we see when we look at the ocean waves? A wave comes down after reaching its highest point, and then, it rises high again. This shows that even nature is not in a constant position. In the same way, there will be ups and downs in our lives.

There will be moments of failures, but there will be successes as well. Challenges will always be ahead, but what will determine our value and worth as an individual or as an organization is how true we are to our actions and our core beliefs.

Meet the Man Behind Kiran Smart | Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO & Founder

Mubin is an innovator of Humanoid Robot Services and Founder of Mi-Robots Company registered in India. He has several professional certificates under his name including a Master’s Degree in MBA from Cardiff University, UK.

Mubin also has vast experience starting from manufacturing unit in LG., Sony, with expertise in the distribution channel management for Asian ethnic’s garments in Wales (Cardiff – U.K.).

He has delivered many public presentations and live demo on Robots in Smart City, Robots in Real Life, Robots in our future life, Robots in Education, and Robots in Health Care. He has continuously live demonstrated for two years ( 2019 & 2020 ) on Hospitality Robotic Solution at Stakeholder Conference organized by T-H-N in Dubai (UAE) under Mi-Robots banner.

Kiran Smart Aims To Make It Big as a Robot Solutions & Services Company in Kuwait[VA1] 

“Our company is working with a unique mission to facilitate all the industries to achieve their organizational goals and business objectives to survive in the market during COVID 19 and Post Pandemic 2020.”