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Optimizing Data Solutions: Minneapolis Based Evolving Solutions, A Complete Data Solution

Optimizing Data Solutions

Technology is evolving and changing every day. Modern platforms, hybrid cloud solutions,and software applications can have multiple uses depending on requirements and capabilities. The technology industry trends are now changing. There is a process shift moving away from manual infrastructure processes and Waterfall development, to automated environments and DevOps culture. The traditional on-premise environments are now evolving into Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi-Cloud Strategies. Therefore,Evolving Solutions integrated their expertise in modern platforms with enterprise cloud strategies to offer enterprise-class offerings to support different organizations.

Equipped with exceptional data center technology and trusted talent, they offer expertise primarily in the areas of IT infrastructure, cloud, and software solutions. They help companies thrive by providing modern and innovative IT solutions to manage their data best. They are able to do this by hiring the best technical talent and partnering with quality manufacturers over years of experience in the industry.

Technology is at the heart of everything they do. Evolving Solutions’ clients trust them to provide IT solutions that work.They take the time to learn and really know the clients’ data center needs and goals to recommend and implement the best possible IT solution. By keeping up with modern trends, data center implementation strategies, IT equipment maintenance and more, they strive to make IT a differentiator for any business.

Integrated Approach to Cloud

The team at Evolving Solutions describes their relationship with their clients as more than just a transaction. They have structured their business model in a way that encourages long-term client relationships and gives their employees the freedom to put clients first.

Evolving Solutions has a process that is simple yet effective. They know the importance of keeping engagements consistent for clients. This personalized experience and unique solutions have made them experts in the industry.

Evolving Solutions has been implementing technology solutions for over 20 years.They attribute all this to their competent and talented team. They have made hiring the right people a priority. They aim to understand and provide solutions for the most complex environments and become an extension of each company they work with.We understand every business is different. We provide a personalized experience from start to finish for every client. We work hard to ensure every unique situation is recognized and addressed. It’s this service mentality that keeps our customers coming back time and time again to get the job done right”, says Jamie Gmach, CEO.

Simplify with Converged Infrastructure

In some cases, supporting complex data requires several data center solutions working in tandem. In the past, IT would have to work with many different vendors to design a custom stacked infrastructure to meetdata needs. This would involve blending unique components and their vendors, leading to a variety of management challenges down the road.

Evolving Solutions’ new converged infrastructure breaks the status quo and provides a streamlined approach to this predicament. These systems incorporate pre-determined infrastructure stacks from fewer vendors and are specifically designed to support the specific processing capabilities of their multiple components.Converged Infrastructure offers several benefits like faster deployment times, improved scalability, simplified management and lesser cost. But without a well-defined network strategy, even the quickest and most efficient equipment means nothing. The need for connectivity beyond the data center continues to grow as businesses become more and more reliant on digital. Every IT organization is unique. The team at Evolving Solutions utilizes a wide array of networking products to help create and optimize network solutions. With professional consulting and support, they help navigate the changing data center and IT management landscape. Their data security solutions help mitigate the risk of a data breach and protect corporate and customer data. Their team designs all modern platform solutions to ensure a smooth transition into the Technology Landscape.

The Hybrid Cloud Vision

Corporate data is being generated at an unprecedented rate. The ability to harness that data is what will ultimately differentiate businesses. The team at Evolving Solutions believes that Cloud is a set of disciplines. They are constantly working to develop a hybrid approach to drive innovation and simplicity in technology. They aim to provide data solutions to businesses regardless of type or amount. They believe Cloud storage offers agility and flexibility for accessing data. Always striving for excellence, they collaborate with their teams to continually look for ways to improve the client experience.


Jaime Gmach co-founded Evolving Solutions almost 25 years ago and continues to lead the company today as its President and CEO. Together with the extended Evolving Solutions team, Jaime has built the company into a leading technology solution provider focused on helping enterprise clients modernize and automate their mission-critical infrastructure to support digital transformation.

In conjunction with a continued focus on the delivery of modern infrastructure solutions, Evolving Solutions is investing in the development of new and innovative business practices to support clients’ success on their journey toward a hybrid cloud operating model.

In addition to Evolving Solutions, Jaime founded Keyva, a services organization focused on cloud automation, orchestration, and DevOps in 2018.

One of Jaime’s true passions in life is giving back to the communities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. He has led multiple Evolving Solutions and Keyva philanthropic initiatives in which the companies provided technology, financial, and labor support to charitable organizations throughout the region.

At Evolving Solutions, our dedication to our clients is second to none. It’s a service mentality that drives us to do anything and everything to ensure your complete satisfaction, no matter the obstacles.