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eBizDocs: Commitment to Excellence and Result-Oriented Document Management Solutions

Howard Gross, president & CEO

With the advent of digitalization, organizations are increasingly shifting towards the adoption of electronic files for most of their operations. However, paper use in offices hasn’t been significantly reduced. In fact, industry estimates show that over 80 percent of business information still exists in the form of paper documents. Consequently, the documents are a risk of getting degraded in off-site storage facilities, misfiled in cabinets, or simply becoming inaccessible to employees due to cluttered workplaces.

With eBizDocs, organizations don’t have to worry about managing their documents even for a second. Regardless of the organization’s size, eBizDocs resolves issues arising from managing documents while streamlining business processes.

The Inception of eBizDocs

eBizDocs started off with the mission to deliver value by eliminating chaos, establishing structure and organization, and automating the flow of unstructured information for its customers and vendors. Initially, the firm focused just on physical document scanning, and gradually went on to launch new products and services to maximize the benefits of transitioning paper-based operations to digital process automation.

“We take the time to really understand the customer’s needs and frustrations”, says Mr. Howard Gross, the President & CEO of eBizDocs. “And that’s the starting point of our services, from there we tie it all together and guide our customers through the entire digital transformation process”, he added.

Every process carried out at eBizDocs is broken into simple and easy-to-follow steps. At present, the firm’s offerings include paper and microfilm scanning, sophisticated document analyzing and data extraction software, and cloud-based document management.

How would you describe your first project?

Our first project was an overwhelming success. Everything went according to plan. The customer was easy to work with and very satisfied. Then we hit the wall on our second project. We were overconfident and did not fully appreciate what challenges could derail the best intentions.

The project had many documents that were nearly impossible to scan, we consumed the estimated hours about halfway into the project and because the documents have so deteriorated, the output quality was below normal.

Every project is a potential learning experience. Our customers understand the importance of selecting a business partner who has experience. Despite our 20 years of experience, we are continually refining processes and updating technology to deliver the best results possible.

How have the consumer responses helped you to grow the eBizDocs over the years?

eBizDocs has a very high rate of complete customer satisfaction. Does this always happen, NO! Whenever a customer expresses a concern, we take a step back to explore what we may have missed in understanding their needs. In most cases, the issue was some sort of miscommunication. Accepting responsibility and being able to adapt are major contributing factors to our growth.

A company’s behavior is as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products – How do you interpret this saying?

We believe in building a strong ethical identity leads to customer and employee trust, morale, and loyalty. Our guiding principles are to empower and provide an environment where enthusiastic team members can reach the peak of their ability and achieve strong personal and customer satisfaction.

If you had to list the biggest assets in your organization, what would they be?

eBizDocs maintains three classes of assets. Our customers find value in these driving factors, and we believe the quality and combination of these assets differentiates eBizDocs in the market.

Tangible – Our highly secure facilities, employee-safe workstations, and production equipment are industry-leading.

Intangible – Our team, company reputation, name recognition, and certifications (e.g. SOC2) do not show up on any balance sheet but are critical components in sustaining and winning new business.

Intellectual – Our 20 years’ experience allowed us to develop proprietary best practices, policies, and procedures that let us quickly satisfy customer needs.

What’s your take on the involvement of organizations in social community & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities?

eBizDocs is no stranger to supporting the disabled community. The New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID) named eBizDocs as its Corporate Partner of the Year, citing its inclusive business culture that pairs workers, whether with physical and mental health challenges, with the right job. Best Buddies named Howard Gross “Champion of the Year.”

eBizDocs also works closely with the Autism Society, Veterans Association, and the Arc of Rensselaer County to give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities opportunities for personal growth, development, and participation in the community.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

We envision paperless filing and automated workflows replacing the desire to use paper-intensive processes. This evolution is inevitable through our commitment to building trust and helping customers select and apply leading paperless solutions that improve efficiency and minimize costs. eBizDocs sees sustained growth over the next several years by supporting this vision and putting “Information at Your Fingertips”.

Meet the Leading Light of ebizDocs | Howard Gross, President & CEO

Howard Gross is the driving force behind eBizDocs. He is also a philanthropic trailblazer with the vision of offering employees an opportunity to show what they can do.

Howard received the “Corporate Citizen Award” by Best Buddies, a non-profit mentorship group, for his outstanding commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities through employment in the business community. He has been a featured speaker on the PBS television program New York Now and on The Capitol Pressroom, a public radio broadcast.

He has written numerous articles on content management and co-authored a book on paper reduction in government business. He is frequently quoted as a recognized imaging and records management expert in a variety of industry publications.

eBizDocs reputation is the result of our steadfast commitment to listening to the customer, maintaining the highest levels of integrity, and having the experience and expertise to deliver on our commitments.