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Making Effective, Simple to Use Insurance Systems: California-Based CodeObjects Is at The Forefront of PAS Innovation

Anil Annadata, CEO, CodeObjects

Simplified, flexible, and more profitable insurance operations from quote to renewal – CodeObjects was founded with this simple vision in mind.

Today CodeObjects is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based Property & Casualty Insurance platform. With their insurance systems, carriers can take full control over the system configuration and deploy a high level of efficiency throughout the insurance process, resulting in lower cost, reduced errors, greater customer service, and better business.

Their solutions are purpose-built for and fully configurable by business users. They put the power to change, update or launch new products in the hands of these users, with minimal reliance on IT. CodeObjects provides carriers the flexibility and speed they need to respond to change, reduce risk and grow. They provide a complete insurance platform delivered via the cloud.

Their mission is to help carriers achieve the best business results possible with complete, flexible, and purpose-built software solutions for every stage of the insurance lifecycle.

Simplify the Insurance Lifecycle

CodeObjects delivers insurance software for more flexible operations and faster speed to market. The insurance enterprise is a complete, end-to-end software platform for all aspects of property & casualty insurance processing. It is designed for business users and enables flexibility, configurability, and efficiency for better, more profitable business from quote through renewal.

Its carriers can launch products quickly and easily, with minimal IT or programming resources. CodeObjects solutions are cloud-based and require no up-front investment in software or hardware.

It has four integrated components: PolicyEnterprise, RatingEnterprise, BillingEnterprise, and ClaimEnterprise. These components work in tandem to provide flexible deployment and reduce the dependence on IT.

All these solutions can be delivered as end-to-end cloud-based solutions or as individual solutions. Custom deployment by their expert services staff, or BPO partners, makes implementation fast.

The company says, “Configurability is a hallmark of every CodeObjects product. Our software is designed to put the business user in the driver’s seat. Our products are fully integrated, easy to use, and easy to change. Implementing new rates, rules or policies is a snap.

CodeObjects solutions are 100% cloud-based and require no up-front capital expenditure. The solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure for maximum reliability and performance. Their carriers pay a single, predictable monthly subscription fee, which includes all aspects of software, services, and hosting.

They promise no up-front capital expenditures to launch the system. Their carriers also save in the use of IT resources, as the solutions are fully managed. CodeObjects customers have reduced processing costs by leveraging business-driven configuration.

The team at CodeObjects believes maintaining a best-of-breed solution is critical to a carrier’s success. Their pre-built integrations provide quick access to the industry’s best service providers. Leverage Geocoding, Risk Characteristics, Replacement Cost, Credit, CLUE, Payment Gateway, and many others to enhance your decision-making ability. 

Transforming Customer Service: Insurbot

CodeObjects has recently launched an AI-powered customer assistant, InsurBot. It was built by their team of Insurance, Customer Service, and Artificial Intelligence experts focused entirely on delivering incredible customer experience for all—agents, brokers, and policyholders.

The team proudly says, “InsurBot is a sophisticated and intelligent technology that scales seamlessly and knows when to tap a live agent.

It provides Immediate Customer Satisfaction with no wait time, regardless of the number of customers. The customers can also choose to connect via messaging, voice, or browser. The bot delivers an on-brand personality and tone and identifies and transfers critical requests to a live agent.

The Complete Insurance Platform | CodeObjects

CodeObjects delivers all core systems, ancillary services, and integrations that carriers need. Business users are able to make changes through simple configuration settings. Their proven deployment model enables carriers to launch the platform quickly. Pre-built integrations, rich functionality, and cloud delivery ensure successful implementation—even with the most complex carrier business models.

Enhancements to products or policy guidelines can be rolled-out by business users within 30 days. New products, rates, or policy changes can be rolled out quickly, without the help of IT.

Their powerful rating engine and business intelligence functionality enable better ratings and more precise pricing. Rules and roles-based admin gives appropriate access to decision-makers, who can then quickly react to market changes. Updates to pricing, rules, or policies are simple configuration changes and can be rolled out immediately.

They provide configurability, flexibility, and speed to market which gives users a competitive advantage. Their streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective operations help businesses make more profitable decisions. Their efficiencies can drive up to a 30% reduction in underwriting and operations costs and their pay-as-you-go model eliminates capital expenditures.

Meet the Formidable Leader | Anil Annadata, CEO

Anil Annadata is the CEO of CodeObjects, which he founded in 2006. He has over 21 years of experience in building, managing, and implementing large Enterprise software platforms serving many global companies.

Prior to founding CodeObjects, Anil was the president and CEO of Implemo Systems, a leading Enterprise CRM implementation, and Management Consulting firm, serving customers like CMS (Federal centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), DIRECTV, Alltel (Acquired by Verizon Wireless) and XM Satellite Radio.

Before that, Anil has held senior executive management positions at Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle Corporation), where he spent more than nine years and was responsible for building their largest Enterprise horizontal product line.

Anil is the primary inventor of 18 patents in Enterprise Software and holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

We are software developers with deep roots in insurance operations, the insurance ecosystem of partners, regulatory bodies, and data organizations. Our mission is to help carriers grow. We believe that better systems enable better policies, which, in turn, builds better insurance businesses.

“CodeObjects gives carriers the flexibility and speed they need to respond to change, reduce risk and grow.”