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Wiland: Delivering a Brighter, more Profitable Future for Clients

Wiland: Delivering a Brighter, more Profitable Future for Clients

The entire world is spinning on the market and businesses are rapidly maximizing their returns based on the results of the market. In such a scenario, intelligence plays a very important role. Having an effective Business Intelligence system by your side can improve efficiency and increase productivity within the organization. In simple terms, business intelligence plays a critical role in today’s economy.

Wiland is a leading provider of business intelligence and data-driven marketing solutions. Regardless of channel—digital, direct mail, email—marketers rely on Wiland to deliver highly responsive marketing audiences that fuel the organizations’ growth and profitability. Wiland clients span a wide range of sectors including multichannel retail, publishing, nonprofit, political, home and personal services, financial services, travel and hospitality, and automotive.

The Wiland Database is continuously updated with timely data contributed by more than 3,700 clients.  Wiland clients are also equipped to fine-tune their marketing budgets for measurably better ROI by focusing on long-term value customers and donors while eliminating spending on non-productive audience segments. By applying a rigorous test-and-control methodology to everything it does, Wiland provides its clients with precise analysis of the performance of their marketing efforts.

What Wiland delivers?

Superior Data + Predictive Analytics = Responsive Audiences

Every day, marketing professionals from the nation’s leading consumer brands, nonprofit organizations, and publishers rely on Wiland custom-modeled audiences to fuel their success. By leveraging its vast consumer transaction data and predictive analytics, it delivers high-performing marketing audiences that produce excellent response rates for impressive ROI in all channels.

What Makes Wiland Audiences So Effective?

While demographics and personas have important roles to play in audience creation, it is transaction data that is most predictive of actual response. That’s because the best predictor of future transactional behavior is past transactional behavior. By analyzing independent variables that connect seemingly unrelated transactional data points across multiple spending categories observed in the Wiland Database, it produces bespoke audiences that drive high response rates in all channels, even at large scale.

Crank Up the Volume

High quality…or high volume? Why choose when you can have both? Wiland multi-model audience solutions utilize custom algorithms that assign a composite score to each prospect according to ranking across multiple models. Models are then weighted by predicted performance, and individuals are ranked based on scoring across all models. The result is a large, integrated universe from which responsive audiences segments can be scored, ranked and deployed in your promotions.

 Enabling Pre-Intent Marketing

Before consumers signal that they are even in-market, it is possible to influence their eventual path to purchase. With its massive transaction data and proprietary Response Prediction Technology™, it can predict future purchase and donation propensity and capacity with remarkable accuracy. This allows brands to build awareness early in the marketing funnel as well as deliver more relevant messages and offers once consumers are in-market.

When marketing to current customers or donors, you will benefit from Wiland’s ability to score and segment these audiences to optimize the results of your campaigns. Whether through direct mail, display advertising, or other channels, it provides the insight necessary to make the right decisions in allocating marketing dollars proportionately for the greatest impact. It lets you know who to keep investing marketing dollars in, who to let go, and who to test for possible long-term ROI.

Industry Solutions

New Customer Acquisition

Reach your future customers before they are even in the market. Ultimate Data’s predictive analytics and comprehensive data on virtually every U.S. adult consumer enable pre-intent marketing that identifies the best new prospects for your brand.

New Customer Acquisition

Wiland’s predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best new customers from within its vast database. This approach means you can acquire new customers affordability and realize the best return on investment for your acquisition campaigns.

Find prospects who are the most likely to become—and stay—loyal customers. Wiland’s predictive analytics and modeling solutions identify the best new prospects from within its vast database.

Meet the ace

Phil Wiland is the president and chairman of the company. His professional life has been defined by industry-changing ideas, successful company launches, and unrelenting innovation. In 1971, Phil formed the first iteration of the Wiland companies, providing data services to virtually every segment within direct marketing. In 1979, he developed the first national directory of postal carrier routes—before the Post Office even had one! This was followed by the Matchmaster Plus merge/purge mail processing system—the first to use artificial intelligence.

In the 1980s, Phil launched one of the first fully integrated CRM systems and developed some of the most sophisticated predictive modeling solutions ever to be used in direct marketing. The company went public in 1984 and was later sold when a large public company made an unsolicited offer at a time when 22 other companies were also bidding.

“We are also a company recognized for a culture of honesty, integrity and goodness.”

“We leverage this massive wealth of information to help its clients find new customers and donors and optimize connections with existing ones.”