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ClikPak, Inc.: Innovative e-commerce solution, providing low risk and high impact on your enterprise’s profitability

David Ainsworth, CEO, ClikPak

ClikPak offers a unique business model, giving partner organizations their own brand world-class eCommerce solution in just weeks. Partners entering eCommerce are faced with multiple difficult choices: speed to market versus solution capability, investment in capabilities versus profitability, etc. This latter challenge is amplified in smaller markets and in the period following launch. With ClikPak’s eCommerce solution, partners can have it all.

“Within months of creating the market-leading eCommerce platform, we realized success was based on two complementary elements, the software platform and presence in each market. From that point on we sought partners who were imaginative, demanding, impatient, and who had the ability to deliver a powerful and compelling experience within their home market.”

“Adaptability is an essential factor that organizations need to have to survive and flourish in the online shopping market,” says David Ainsworth, Co-founder, and CCO of ClikPak. “With the constant and rapid evolution of technology, customer expectations are evolving. In addition, markets are evolving rapidly as high-speed broadband data becomes more affordable and available.

Even once-stable regulatory environments are extremely dynamic now as social media and alternative payment method use expands. Customer data is under constant scrutiny, driving policy changes for suppliers and regulators.”

Looking at the current scenario, David feels that companies need to adapt constantly just to keep up with the pace of the market. To get ahead, they need a solution provider who focuses on constantly updating the platform, app, and website, so they can focus on their core skills of marketing, customer engagement, and last-mile logistics. Based on these ideals and values, David has been leading ClikPak, Inc. and driving it towards long-term success and growth across the world.

About ClikPak, Inc.

Founded in 2013, ClikPak is an eCommerce solution provider based in Miami, FL. ClikPak specializes in delivering a whole cloth B2B eCommerce solution. Along with the state of the art software platform, the ClikPak solution provides order fulfillment and end-to-end logistics services from the most popular US online marketplaces.

The firm enables its partner’s customers to have a direct shopping experience with online US stores. End customers browse the partner branded website and then purchase products with their available payment method getting items delivered right to their door.

ClikPak provides the platform and also takes care of all US-based operations: procurement, fulfillment. Partners are able to focus on the business in their country carrying out local marketing, customer engagement and in-country logistics. The solution is a first and enables each partner to focus their respective skills to maximum effect.

We had the pleasure of interviewing David Ainsworth, who was kind enough to share the story of ClikPak with us. Here is an edited excerpt from the interview.

Why was the company set up?

The initial founder established ClikPak to augment an existing transport business. When David and other co-founders joined, and they realized the potential for ClikPak approaching the market differently from anyone else.

ClikPak drove a partnership approach enabling it to focus on the software platform and North American logistics whilst its in-country partners focused on their market. This approach enables the partners to launch a brand or augment an existing own branded business. ClikPak provides a scalable solution for the partner brand, which can be up and running in a few weeks. The advantages of the approach have been evident to partners in small and large markets across Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

How successful was your first project rollout?

Our first project was launched in Guatemala. We worked with a new brand, a company with no associated business elements. For us, this was a great lesson. It is hard to set up a distributed business with a new brand. Having elements in place either directly or through third parties is crucial. It is important that we seek partners with capabilities and attributes in the market and that we assess mutual competencies and abilities to make the business in the market successfully for all parties.

How have the consumer responses motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

Great question and one where my answer aligns with the last question. One of our partners in the Middle East has extensive national reach. Although ClikPak provides an integrated logistics management solution, it was clear from the end customer feedback that implementation is what truly matters.

We had extensive feedback from customers via the integrated customer service capability, and we realized that while our customers could see their order had arrived in the country, it was taking too long to reach them.

We learned that we need true diligence in assessing the capability of our partners. We worked with our partners supporting them, supplementing their capability so that the desired end customer experience is achieved and maintained. A further advantage of the ClikPak solution is that the lessons learned in any market are subsequently applied in all markets.

A company’s behavior is as important as its economic performance or the quality of its products. How do you interpret this saying?

For ClikPak, this answer is nuanced by the operating model. It is important that ClikPak is seen to operate in a clear straightforward and predictable manner with total customer commitment. It is the partner who is seeking to have behaviors to support its brand.

It is doubly important that ClikPak constantly seeks to support the partner in this activity to protect the brand and also the partner relationship. This also made absolutely clear to ClikPak and our partner the interdependence of business success.

Is it true that striving for both ethics and success in a business is a tough feat?

Not really, ClikPak’s success is predicated on reliable & consistent application of the best “values” with its partners and end customers. When operating in emerging markets, “trust” is a big issue for many end-users and an integral part of the brand is to operate and be seen to be operating with strong ethics. The partner can only do this if they are fully and consistently supported by ClikPak.

Trust is a crucial factor for business success, especially in a distributed organization like ours. At ClikPak, we incorporate the values of trust and ethical operations within our organizations and within all of our partner and customer interactions.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

In two years, we will be in over 50 countries globally with multiple partners. ClikPak has enormous potential as an adjunct to major global logistics players. The majority have eCommerce high on their list of strategic initiatives. However, developing an eCommerce solution in-house takes years.

ClikPak’s global solution is scalable and applicable in small and large emerging markets and has a strong customer/partner base. Within 2 years, we would expect to have attracted the attention of a number of the major players.

Knowing the Key Executive

David Ainsworth is the Co-Founder is Chief Commercial Officer and board member. David has over 25 years of senior management experience in the ICT industry in emerging and developed markets leading the commercial operations/ management of ClikPak since it was founded.

“It is important to new and prospective partners that we embody the core partnership values and that they are demonstrated ubiquitously and unwaveringly. We work constantly throughout the organization to drive this commitment in all of our employees.”