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Cloudwords: Driving Speed, Scale, and Sophistication for Global Marketers

Meinhardt, CEO, Cloudwords

Companies of all sizes are in the midst of digitally transforming everything they do, ranging from the products and services they create to the go-to-market models they employ. For marketing organizations, the landscape is no different. While automation is in full swing throughout marketing organizations today, time-consuming, manual processes still exist and contribute to long lead times, errors, and inconsistencies when rolling out global campaigns and localized content.

In light of the above mentioned, we are presenting Cloudwords, a company that speeds time to market for campaigns and content on a global scale. By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, time-consuming tasks are eliminated and unprecedented visibility into the localization process is achieved.

Whether you are targeting 5 countries or 20, Cloudwords helps you deliver more personalized content, in more languages, to more customers at a speed, quality, and scale impossible to achieve with manual processes.

Cloudwords was founded in 2010 as a software company to help customers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Merck, and many others digitally transform their global marketing. Headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudwords is backed by Storm Ventures, UMC Capital, and Marc Benioff, founder of

Cloudwords OneReview

With Cloudwords’s OneReview, you can effortlessly collaborate with your in-market colleagues around the world to ensure that your translated campaigns and content are on-brand and appropriate for regional variations.

Cloudwords enables multiple reviewers to view, provide feedback, and edit translated content. All of this is within the context of its final format – whether it’s an email, newsletter, landing page, word document or web page.

Any file type can be uploaded, transferred, downloaded and translated. Because Cloudwords streamlines the review process to make it fast and easy, you’ll be able to get more campaigns and more content to market quicker and more often.

In-Context Review

Cloudwords’s In-Context Review is the industry’s most technologically advanced and easiest approach to reviewing and editing translated content.  See both the source and the translated content side-by-side. 

With Cloudwords, a translated copy appears just as it would in the final layout.  For example, a translated email stored in Marketo looks exactly the same as it would to the email recipient – and your reviewers never have to log in to Marketo!

Line-by-Line Review

Cloudwords also offers a Line-by-Line review, which displays both the source text and the translation, side by side.  This linguistic view allows reviewers to easily compare each segment, make edits or comments, and ensure that everything is translated correctly in the target language.  

This powerful review experience means a faster time to market in all your target countries with easier collaboration with global teams and fewer errors.

Increase Brand and Message Consistency with Unlimited Translation Memory

OneTM, Cloudwords patented Translation Memory, is securely managed in its SaaS platform. This translation memory is updated in near real-time, allowing for a variety of translation processes – translators or language service providers translating content or post-editing after machine translation. The company also offers subscription pricing that allows every customer to store and use an unlimited amount of translation memory. Customers get an ever-increasing Return on Investment (ROI) as more content is translated and translation memory grows.

Translation Memory belongs to the customer and can be searched, modified, and exported at any moment in time. Cloudwords also holds 2+billion segments on behalf of its customer, valued at over $250m in assets. Its platform can support a customer’s ever-growing needs for processing and storage.

Machine Translation | Cloudwords

The Cloudwords platform integrates with a range of machine translation engines, including Lilt, Google Translate, and MSFT Translate. It supports several deployment and workflow options that meet the translation requirements of our customers. These include using machine translation alone or combining machine translation with a post-editing process that can either integrate with a Language Service Provider (LSP) or combine the human review efforts of an LSP with an internal subject matter expert.

Further workflow benefits can be gained by leveraging Cloudwords Translation Memory to reduce time to market, verify that the same words aren’t re-translated, and ensure the final translation is on-brand and adheres to company-specific nomenclature. 

Cloudwords was founded to help leading enterprises drive global growth and competitiveness through a highly efficient localization process. It will continue to provide best-in-class integrations into marketing technologies and leverage leading translation methodologies to enable its customers to take full advantage of any new developments in the localization industry. 

Quickly Localize Rich Media Assets

The need to quickly localize rich media assets such as those produced in InDesign or videos from platforms like Vidyard, ON24, and Brightcove to share on social media and YouTube, has become a crucial component of a global marketer’s strategy. However, for most global marketers without design or video editing skills, this has been a difficult and manual process until now.

Cloudwords makes it easy to review and edit the translated text in InDesign page layouts within Cloudwords OneReview – without the need to purchase or learn how to use Adobe InDesign software. Cloudwords also automates the process of transcribing and localizing closed captions and subtitles for a range of video file formats, so you can easily review and edit translated closed captions in videos. Both features deliver significant time and cost savings to marketers who need to create and deliver rich media assets to global audiences in multiple languages.

Meet the Maverick | Michael Meinhardt, CEO & Founder of Cloudwords

Michael founded Cloudwords, the leading SaaS platform enabling global executives to optimize their localization business processes and global customer experience. He developed the original business plan, initial product plan, hired the core team, and delivered 7x year-over-year top-line growth.

By seamlessly integrating with translation vendors, marketing automation platforms, and content management systems, we take the manual work out of getting your marketing assets translated.