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Google Mocks Apple Over the Recent iOS 14 Feature

Many times, Apple is mocked for getting features that have already been in Android for a while. This week Apple rolled out the new iOS 14 version, which was no different than the last year in having the Android-like features. However, this time, the one taking the dig was Google itself.

In a recent tweet, Google made fun of the home screen widgets feature of Apple. It tweeted, “Wait, we’re talking about home screens now? Here’s ours #Pixel4a”. However, it didn’t just stop at that tweet. It posted a picture of the Pixel 4a that displayed two widgets, which were present in the form of calendar notifications. There, one notification read, “Realise we’ve had widgets 4ever,” and the other read, “Tell World”.

Android introduced home screen widgets a long time ago. It can be easily seen if you go back to one of its earliest versions, i.e., Android Cupcake. Looking at it this way, it is fair enough to say Google may have a point. Besides, it’s not like Apple hasn’t done it ever. It too indirectly mocks Google and Facebook from time to time regarding privacy and security of user data.

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