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Apple’s New App Store Guidelines for Streaming Services Will Lead to Bad Customer Experience, Says Microsoft

With its revised App Store rules, Apple has struck up an unpleasant chord with many companies. Following its confrontation with Epic Games and Fortnite, the American tech giant changed some guidelines regarding the game streaming services from Microsoft’s xCloud or Google’s Stadia

According to the new guidelines, Microsoft has to release all the games on App Store that will be reviewed by Apple if it wishes to make its cloud gaming platform, xCloud available on iOS or iPadOS.

Microsoft isn’t quite happy about the new rules. In response, a Microsoft spokesperson said that this would create a bad experience for customers. Gamers prefer playing a game directly from their curated catalog within one app, and not download several apps for every game they play from the cloud. “We are committed to putting gamers at the center of everything we do, and providing a great experience is core to that mission,” the spokesperson added.

Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, xCloud will enable gamers to access Xbox games via streaming. Android users can enjoy cloud gaming as a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate following its expected launch on September 15. As for iOS, it is yet to be found out.

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