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Nier: Replicant comes out at the right time

No one expected Nier: Automata to be a success. This was a successor to an RPG that can easily be classified as a cult classic. The players requested a lot of this sequel to be launched. Yet the grim, poignant, and funny writing of Director Yoko Taro shone through, while PlatinumGames developers made sure that the game had a fantastic feel. It sold more than 5 million exemplars, was transferred to new formats, and most recently, was introduced to a brand new public via Xbox Game Pass. This is the perfect moment to delve through his predecessor – a remaster that occurs later in this month.

The first version of Nier was released in 2010 in Japan. This was divided into two versions: Replicant (PS3), and Gestalt for Xbox 360. Replicant seems to be making a canonical PS3 release plot and focuses on a brother who is crossing the post-apocalyptic world looking for a remedy to a mystery illness that kills his sister painfully. The game was appreciated for its enigmatic background and imaginative environment but was also accused of obsolete visuals and clunky controls. The consequence was that a large audience was never really attracted. And this is where Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139, the new version comes into the picture.

The action is really simple, just like Automata. By just mashing and rolling the attack button, you can make amazing moves, while your book partner manages different attacks, similar to a gun-firing drone. While the sound and gameplay are established, it is somewhat clunky.

Although the original Nier was not a breakthrough, it is obvious that the Square Enix creator had confidence in the project. In 2017, shortly before the launch of Automata, Yosuke Saito, the producer said: “We always felt we wanted to allow this [intellectual property] to expand and grow.” One can understand why after a first-hand experience with Replicant. While the edges are tough, it is a thrilling experience that one cannot wait to dive deeper into.

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