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Six New PlayStation VR Games to Release: Sony

For PSVR users, here is good news. A total of six PlayStation VR games are set to be launched later this year, announced Sony. This February, Sony revealed its PlayStation 5 console to the next generation PSVR. The new PSVR headset is equipped with a high-resolution screen that promises the “last entertainment experience with dramatic results and interactive leaps.” Speaking of add-ons to the catalog of PlayStation VR-games, at the PSVR Spotlight, Sony unveiled the latest VR-games.

Doom 3: VR Edition

The only game with a clear release date – 29 March, is Doom 3 VR. This game is available with backward compatibility for both PS 4 and PS 5. The game is a new version of the 2004 game title shoots ’em up.

Zenith: The Last City – The Fracture

Zenith: The Last City – The Fracture is an RPG-based MMO game created by RamenVR to enable players to scale cliffs and structures. Players can also glide around to distant sites, battle foes, or simply discover Zenith’s enormous universe.


A run-and-cover shooter, Fracked is available both on PS4 and PS5, with optimum frame rates and the current generation resolution. It is created by nDreams, who also developed Phantom: Covert Ops, a kayak-based shooter. Fracked is based on a similar premise, including skiing and an infiltrated fracking plant toppled by armed mercenaries.

I Expect you to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar

This is a spy thriller where players can virtually live a James Bond fantasy. Since the first spy action title was published in 2016, I expect you to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar has been in popular demand for a sequel.

Song in the Smoke

Song in the Smoke is a 17-bit survivorship game that tests your hunting capabilities, crafting, and discovering the unknown universe in which the game is set. This game allows human instincts to be realized in a futuristic universe where you decide to fly or fight.

After the Fall

Vertigo Games has been developing a post-apocalyptic survival co-op game called After the Fall. This game will support a cross-platform multiplayer mode for up to four players. Players can opt to play with AI bots as well.

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