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Control Your Car’s Settings by Just Giving Alexa A Command

By incorporating Alexa into Huracan EVO Lamborghini, Amazon makes more progress to Alexa’s functionality than just asking questions or controlling the home remotely – it provides the assistant with hands-free monitoring of the settings inside the vehicle. Originally revealed in the course of Amazon’s drive into cars last year, the partnership goes beyond Alexa’s normal tricks.

Integrating Alexa enables users to monitor ‘air conditioning, heat, fan speed, temperature, heating, seat warmer, freezer and airflow directions, and even lighting’. Of course, Alexa also has a number of skills to chat, play music, play podcasts, and navigate through your smart home devices.

There are a few physical buttons on the steering wheel and on the side door of the driver, but there are many more controls that can be operated by a central console screen. To give Alexa a better command over the car means less time hunting through menus in the car. Just a simple command like “Alexa, I am hot”, can get your air conditioning working. This gives drivers more time to concentrate on the road which is a win-win situation for both road safety and comfort.

The automotive industry has started to move from controls like dials to fully touch screen screens, and a variety of tests of in-car displays have also been published several years ago as gadgets. In the past, though, we felt the accessory performed well in the analysis as a basic speaking system and Bluetooth adapter – tasks that required knowledge of the location or reliable cellular connectivity. With all the advantages of providing true power over a connected vehicle, the Huracan EVO implementation of Amazon’s Alexa may be a better version of the concept.

The all-new Huracan EVOs will have this feature integrated, but everyone else who already owns this car can get a free Alexa service upgrade.

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