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The Team Lead Model of Self-Leadership

Self Leadership

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Leadership is, of course, a very important part of any organization no matter what. For the progress and growth of the company or organization, an able leader is required. That is how the company is going to prosper in innumerable possible ways. Leadership is one fundamental requirement and this must be understood by each one. A leader must ensure that his/her team works efficiently and this can only be possible if the leader is capable enough to tackle everything easily and in an organized manner.

Joe Wolemonwu gives an eight-step model called the TEAM LEAD model of self-leadership which gives every leader an idea as to how to manage the company or agency and ensure its growth and progress.

First of all, the acronym T.E.A.M. L.E.A.D. stands for Training, Enterprising, Authenticity, Mindfulness, Listening, Empathizing, Accountability, and Delegation. This model thus recognizes the eight kind of requirements that a leader must have in order to ensure the progress of the company and smooth working of the organization with the help of his/her co-workers. This model is one of the best approaches of leading a team in the best possible way and must be followed. A leader needs to have all these attributes for the smooth functioning of the organization. The attributes associated with T.E.A.M. are the internal attributes that a leader should possess and the attributes associated with the acronym L.E.A.D. are the external attributes required for the organization to prosper in a better way. All these together make a leader a good leader who can make the team reach the ultimate goal.

The internal attributes

  1. Training: Training helps in making the team members capable of doing the task in an efficient manner. The performance of the team, as a result, gets enhanced and even helps to hone the skills of the leader. In this way, the productivity of the organization gets increased and helps the members reach the target.
  1. Enterprising: Enterprising enables a leader to think in an innovative way thus by, giving more ideas to the company that can prove to be fruitful in the future. These ideas and skills so developed to act as a resource and enhance creativity which forms a very vital part of the organization. And hence, in this way even a leader gets the benefit of handling situations with ease and creating a path for progress to take place.
  1. Authenticity: A leader must possess this attribute for this is what makes a leader have his/her position intact among his/her co-workers. This not only makes the co-workers appreciate and applaud his leadership skills but also makes them understand the importance of having authenticity in the workplace so as to gain the maximum of benefits.
  1. Mindfulness: Mindfulness or concentration is obviously an important element everywhere. It helps in the increase of productivity along with managing the tasks effectively.

Moving to the external attributes

  1. Listening: A leader needs to be a good listener first. Then only his/her words are going to carry some value in front of co-workers. A leader who doesn’t value the suggestions of the employees but keeps on giving orders is never appreciated. Hence, listening is as important as speaking because this makes communication effective and improves the relationship with others.
  1. Empathizing: Being empathetic as a leader is even necessary as it not only builds a good bond between the leader and the workers but also enables the leader to get feedback from the co-workers which can lead to the effective functioning of the company and lead to progress.
  1. Accountability: Being accountable as a leader enables him/her to perform better and even leads to the progress of the organization. It helps one to have control over one’s actions and thus, lead to the betterment of the organization.
  1. Delegation: This builds team spirit and helps in the promotion of teamwork by creating a healthy working environment. This leads to development and growth not only at the individual level but also for the entire group.

The Conclusion

Hence, a leader has to develop and focus on all these internal attributes as well as the external ones for the overall growth and development of the company. In this fast-growing world, everything is constantly evolving. The leader also needs to keep pace with this fast-evolving world and adapt to the changes that come up so that he/she can help co-workers to understand all of this and work accordingly. This way only an organization can function smoothly and the leader can become a role model in front of his team members. And this further, will not only enhance the growth and development of the organization but also, the individuals that is the workers and the team leader that is going to benefit them in the near future in many possible ways.