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Anil Annadata, CEO, CodeObjects

Making Effective, Simple to Use Insurance Systems: California-Based CodeObjects Is at The Forefront of PAS Innovation

Simplified, flexible, and more profitable insurance operations from quote to renewal – CodeObjects was founded with this simple vision in mind. Today CodeObjects is a …

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LogiSense: Addressing Complex Usage Ratings and Billing Challenges

The world is going to see nearly 20 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT is in focus so we can safely say that the potential …

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One PIM Solution. Endless Business Possibilities in A Digital-First World inRiver

In today’s digital world, product information has become an organization’s digital front door. However, the number of channels, marketplaces, and fluctuating requirements of these channels …

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Shagun Malhotra, CEO, SkyStem

SkyStem: Transforming the Close and Reconciliation Process

The journey of a company doesn’t begin at the date of incorporation. The real journey begins when an idea is brewing inside the head of …

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Patrick Nichols, the CEO of ClearSlide

The Sales Engagement Platform Leader: ClearSlide

Sales and marketing teams are under unprecedented pressure to grow revenue and increase operational efficiency. Buyers now have access to more information than ever before, …

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Meinhardt, CEO, Cloudwords

Cloudwords: Driving Speed, Scale, and Sophistication for Global Marketers

Companies of all sizes are in the midst of digitally transforming everything they do, ranging from the products and services they create to the go-to-market …

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