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9 Common Leadership Interview Questions Everyone Should Know

9 Common Leadership Interview Questions

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First of all, before anything, the definition of a leader must be crystal clear to somebody who decides to lead- may it be a small group or a team in some organization. A leader is not someone who asks his team members to follow him but someone who has such a dynamic and charming personality that the team automatically chooses to follow him seeing his capabilities. Leadership is not something that is deliberately done, it is something that comes on its own when one actually deserves it.

In this blog, we will explore the 9 common leadership interview questions that everyone should know. Before we begin with the questions, let us first understand why leadership questions are important during interviews.

Why are leadership questions important in an interview?

Firstly, a team in order to work in an organized manner has to have a leader who can guide them in the right way and make them understand the dos and don’ts of everything in the organization. He/She can bring out the best of the qualities of the members of the team thus enabling them to work in an effective way. The shared goal that the team members and the leader have can only be achieved with the combined efforts of everyone and this task of enabling everyone to work in a team can be done by a capable leader only. Focus, determination and hard work should be the motto of the team and this can only be ensured if the leader of the team is an able person. Hence, leadership questions carry a lot of importance in all interviews for it can be helpful for the company to decide if the person being hired can be able to take up responsibilities that come up in the near future or not.

Some leadership questions that can be asked

1)What is your definition of a true leader?

Ans. A leader is someone who not just leads but guides and motivates the team to achieve the target in the better and smoother possible way.

2) What would be your first step if you are asked to lead?

Ans. As a leader, my due responsibility is to delve deep into the minds of my team members and see who is capable of what. In this way, I can sort things out and assign specific tasks to specific individuals -whosoever is better at what task is being done and this way the process will be smooth and work can be finished faster enabling us to achieve our target at the soonest possible time.

3) If one of your team members fails to meet your expectations, what would you do?

Ans. In that case, I would try to make him/her understand so that he/she can do the given task in an expected way. And of course, if professionally seen, in case the person fails to do that particular task I would assign it to somebody who can do it in a better way and ask the other person to work more on his skills so as to do it properly if given the next time.

4) Are you one of those leaders who like to take suggestions from co-workers or your team members?

Ans. Obviously. The more suggestions I get, the more able I can become. There is always room for improvement, even if a person becomes a leader.

5) How are you going to manage your personal and professional life if you are made the leader?

Ans. It’s obvious that a leader must be unbiased. Bias and personal feelings have no place in workplaces. This is one of the main things one must keep in mind before one chooses to take the responsibility of a leader. So, the mixing of the personal and professional must be avoided at any cost. And I think it can be managed if someone has strong willpower and determination.

6) The obvious question: Where do you see yourself after five years?

Ans. I see myself as not only an able employee but also someone who the co-workers see and get motivated. I believe that the goal is not to be the leader but to achieve such heights that automatically people start considering you a leader seeing your capabilities and hard work and of course, the success you have earned.

7) Will you support your team if there are any last-minute disasters, by chance?

Ans. Definitely. If we have yet to be able to do something at the desired time, it is not their fault entirely. We have been a team in the beginning and it will always be called a team. Everything shared will be equal, may it be the fruits of success or the little moments of grief because of little failures, by chance.

8) As a leader, are you going to give orders?

Ans. Misuse of power is something to be avoided at any cost. I will always be open to suggestions but never give orders. Team spirit should be the motto.

9) On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate yourself as a leader?

Ans. I would give myself a 7 as of now as far as I’ve seen myself and worked on myself. The rest depends on the co-workers I’m going to be with.

The above 9 leadership questions are some of those that you need to be aware of while going for any interview. Moreover, leadership is not an inborn quality but something which is acquired over time and with experience. Just by being confident, you can answer any question in a hassle-free manner.