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Google Maps to Roll Out Updates to Map View and Live View Features to Help Users Find Out How Crowded A Place Is

google maps recent update

According to Google’s recent announcement regarding its “busyness” feature, Google Maps will soon be able to show the user live information about how crowded a place is. So, if you are planning to go to a public place, you can check your Google Maps to see how many people are present there.

In the current pandemic situation and social distancing norms, this feature can be beneficial for people as they can know what to expect before they head out to a particular place. Google said that the feature will surface directly on directions on the map, and it has been expanded to include more outdoor places, such as parks, gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. The search engine giant is now looking forward to rolling out this busyness information update to Android, iOS, and desktop users across the globe soon. 

Besides, a new feature called Live View will also be available to the users in the coming months. It uses AR technology to allow users to learn about a store, business, restaurant, or find directions in a city. Users can just point their camera towards it, and they can quickly see its opening and closing times, how busy it is, star ratings, etc.

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