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Nvidia’s New Version of Geforce Cloud Gaming Service Will Reportedly Allow iOS Users to Access Fortnite Again

As reported by the BBC recently, Nvidia plans to bring Fortnite by Epic Games back to iPhones and iPads. So, will Fortnite come back to iOS? Are iOS Users to Access Fortnite?

The American multinational tech company has come up with a version of the GeForce cloud gaming service that runs on Apple’s web browser, Safari. This move will enable Apple users to play Epic Games titles again.

Earlier, there was a legal battle between Epic Games and Apple due to which Apple had removed Fortnite from its App Store. The reasons behind the conflict between the two were revenues and rules. Epic Games had developed an in-app payment option where the transactions didn’t have to be subjected to the thirty percent charge that Apple takes for transactions done through its platform. According to Epic Games, the rules that Apple imposed were unfair and allowed it to have a monopolistic hold on the applications available in its store. However, this violated the terms of service laid down by Apple.

The legal dispute seems like it could take years to resolve, and that is going to present some hassles to the 73 million players that access the Fortnite online game on iOS.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service is already available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers. Although games or apps can’t be loaded on iPhones or iPads from stores other than theApp Store, the new version will be available on Apple mobile devices. If things go well, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service will become the only cloud gaming platform to support game access by iOS users.

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