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Sophia Instantiation, A Digital Artwork Made by A Humanoid Goes Up for Auction As NFT

Sophia, the humanoid, had her first artwork up for auction on Wednesday. She says people inspire her and is open to artistic alliances with humans. The artwork is created by artificial intelligence. It is one of a kind of digital artwork by the Hong Kong-based robot artist. This artwork was auctioned in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The NFTs have become the latest investment craze, with one artwork being sold for almost $70 million this month. NFT is a digital signature saved on a blockchain ledger allowing someone to establish ownership and authenticity.

Ever since 2016, when she was launched, Sophia, the humanoid, has worked in collaboration with 31-year-old artist, Andrea Bonaceto who is famous for digital and colorful portraits. David Hanson, her creator, describes one of her processes as “iterative loops of evolution”. This is where Sophia combines elements from art history, Bonaceto’s work and her physical paintings multiple times on various surfaces.

The artwork, Sophia Instantiation, is a digital artwork that portrays the evolution of Bonaceto’s portrait. This 12-second MP4 file is coupled with a physical artwork that is painted by the humanoid on a printout of herself.

What is amusing is the fact that Sophia will interact with the buyer of the artwork post the auction. She will study the buyer’s face and add a last stroke on the masterpiece after being inspired. As this adds a personal touch of the new owner, this is going to make a unique artwork.

IV Gallery, a US-based gallery and auction house, has announced that it will represent Sophia as an artist and help to promote her.

The director of the gallery, Vincent Harrison, stated that the humanoid has no restrictions on what she can do. She has unlimited freedom as a young child has.

Artists around the world are amused to see this new way of creating art.

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