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Priority Health & Epic Collaborate To Improve Patient Data Exchange

Key Highlights:

  • Priority Health is the first payer in the state to adopt Epic’s payer platform.
  • The partnership aims to improve patient data exchange resulting in qualitative care at affordable costs.

Priority Health partners with Epic to implement the EHR vendor’s payer platform to simplify patient data exchange with providers and achieve qualitative healthcare at an affordable cost.

This partnership will enable Priority Health to exchange patient data in real-time while allowing the providers a more comprehensive view of patients’ health and allow providers to improve their decision-making for patient care.

Priority Health has is one of the largest providers of sponsored healthcare in the country and ranks second large in terms of health plans in Michigan. Furthermore, it has also become the first payer to adopt Epic’s payer platform. Praveen Thadani is aiming that this collaboration will help in advancing its value-based care strategy by offering qualitative healthcare at affordable costs.

How will Patient Data Exchange benefit the providers?

Priority Health platform will store information on patients’ medication history, chronic condition management, and overdue medical services.

Praveen Thadani (President of P.H), confirmed in a press release, “We understand that data from a health plan needs to be actionable at the point of care to drive effective engagement from our provider partners.” Due to Priority Health being a part of an integrated delivery system, it is positioned to excel in this space and already comprises the tools and resources required for successfully implement an advanced information sharing tool.

Apart from this, with this partnership focused on a quadruple aim strategy that not only focused on improving patient experience, and reducing costs, but also on improving the work-life of healthcare providers, clinicians & staff.  

Priority Health will be available to Spectrum Health Providers, which is an integrated system part of its network, and other contracted providers who currently rely on Epic for their HER systems.

More About Priority Health

They are on a mission to create a more all-inclusive care experience for members by restructuring data exchange whilst also making health data access for the providers. It offers plans for employer groups, families, and individuals along with Medicare and Medicaid plans. Currently, They serves more than one million members annually across Michigan.

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