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Mysterious Chinese Balloon in Montana: Surveillance or Civilian Device?

A so-called air balloon seen over the US skies is a sky object from China. The Pentagon is tracking the suspicious air article. As per Chinese authorities, it is a weather balloon.

A suspicious giant sky object was spotted over Montana. The vessel is as big as the size of around three buses. US executives suspect the balloon seen over sensitive areas recently at high altitudes is a surveillance device. The Chinese balloon flew over the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Further, it flew via Canada and appeared in Montana. It is a deed of worry as in Montana there are some nuclear missile silos of the US.

What does China say?

As per Chinese officials, the air article is a civilian airship. China says the balloon diverted from its intended route. According to a statement from China’s foreign ministry, it was meant for meteorological use. They added, “China regrets the unintended entry of the object in the US airspace.”

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What’s Next?

Currently, the US defense has decided not to shoot the Chinese balloon as its remains could harm people. According to the officials, they have set up fighter jets if the balloon needs to be destroyed. Before this also, China has intruded into American airspace. An official from the defense department said, “the balloon is appearing to hang out for a longer period this time.” The executive added, “the balloon is more persistent than in previous instances.”

Also, the officials have talked with Chinese executives regarding the airship. Even more, US officials have specified that they will take essential steps to protect their people and country. Meanwhile, Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, has kept his upcoming China trip on hold after a balloon sighting. The postponement of the trip has added a new turning point in increasing tensions between the two countries.

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