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Fungal Infections Could Be the End of the US, Experts Say

The Last of US maybe be the same as that in HBO’s apocalyptic fiction drama. Not that horrible, but researchers say changes in climate are nourishing growth of fungal infections.

Among the most thrilling episodes of the series, a scientist anticipates that a fungal pandemic will take the world towards destruction. After some decades, the fiction drama reveals mutation of a deadly fungi. The fungal infection turns humans into zombies and spreads out further. Obviously, it is a part of fiction. But what if the same happens in reality?

Fiction Inside “The Last of the US”

Many researchers in the show highlight the fact that body temperature of humans is much higher. Thus, it does not offer a nourishing environment for fungi. On the other hand, the show suggests that, increasing global temperatures could probably lead to the evolution of dangerous fungi. It also reveals that those fungi will have the potential to survive in hotter condition, even at 98.6 F (i.e., human body temperature). And this entire scenario is something what real-word scientists are suggesting. Many new studies suggest that fungal infections are on rise.

What Experts Say?

As per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, in 2021 more than 7000 people in the United States died from fungal infections. CDC says, the number is greater as only 450 such deaths took place in 1969. Reportedly, over 75,000 people get admitted in hospitals because of fungal infections. Evenmore, COVID-19 pandemic is another reason for deaths due to fungal infections.

Infectious disease specialist from the University of Alabama, Peter Pappas, told The Wall Street Journal, “as fungi are exposed to more consistent elevated temperatures, there’s a real possibility that certain fungi that were previously harmless suddenly become potential pathogens”. From the past some centuries, climate of the Earth has warmed excessively. NASA says, Earth’s average surface temperature has surged around 1°C since the past century. Additionally, human activities have resulted in increased carbon emissions. Thus, increasing global temperature has become a matter of concern now.

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