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“Made in America” is his Top Priority: US President Joe Biden Says

The Joe Biden administration plans to maintain the number 1 position of the nation and remain the strongest economy worldwide. “Made in America” is the key to success, the President says.

The US, the world’s strongest economy, has some great plans to emerge as a number one country in the infrastructure field. Joe Biden, the US President, said “Made in America” is the top priority of his administration. The President has also announced infrastructure work, like highways, bridges, and roads will be constructed with US-made construction materials. While talking in the Second State of the Union Address Biden noted, “to remain the world’s top economy, it is essential to have the finest infrastructure across the globe”.

What else the President said?

Biden said, the US used to be number one in the world in infrastructure, but then it fell to number thirteen. He said, “now we are coming back because we came together to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the largest investment in infrastructure since President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System.” As per the president, ‘Buy American’ has remained the law of the country since 1933. In a joint address to the US Congress, Biden added, “but for too long, past administrations have found ways to get around it. Not anymore.”

What are the Future Plans?

According to a report from The White House, Biden believes that the US can lead the world in the manufacturing sector again. Even more, the economic plan of the President has made it. The strategy has made a manufacturing boom nationwide. The economic plan of Biden is inspiring manufacturing lines and new factories. As a result, good-paying job opportunities are emerging. The President’s plan also includes a crucial upgrade to the country’s infrastructure in generations to construct the Interstate Highway system. The future strategies include the most significant investment in innovation, science, and industrial strategy over the past few decades. Ensuring Joe Biden’s agenda stimulates a future made in America.

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