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How can Single-serve Coffee Formats help Improve Operational Flexibility?

NuZee, Inc., a leading US producer and co-packer of single-serve coffee formats, recently announced that it has entered into a manufacturing agreement with a partner facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. The company is expanding its manufacturing footprint to the Eastern United States for offering a holistic coffee supply and manufacturing program.

Single-serve coffee formats

With this partnership, NuZee expects to offer a holistic coffee supply and manufacturing program to its existing and new customers. These services may include coffee roasting and non-single serve coffee product co-packing, in addition to the single-serve coffee formats NuZee manufactures today. This facility is SQF and Organic certified.

We are excited to enter into this partnership and have this new partner facility complement our production facility portfolio. We anticipate that this partner facility will manufacture our single-serve coffee formats and expect it can also provide capabilities like roasting and coffee co-packing to better serve our existing and new customers that want a more holistic coffee program from NuZee. We believe that East Coast customers can have easier access to this manufacturing facility and get more efficient logistics with shorter transportation and faster shipping times,” says Jose Ramirez, Chief Sales and Supply Chain Officer at NuZee. “We believe that providing customers better access to manufacturing facilities across the United States can help all of us be more efficient, reduce cost of logistics and contribute to more sustainable manufacturing practices, which is important to us. This partnership can also better serve our customers who are eager to get into the innovative single-serve coffee format category.”

Enhancing Operational Flexibility

NuZee currently has manufacturing facilities in Vista, California, Plano, Texas and Seoul, Korea. The arrangement with this partner facility in Knoxville, Tennessee is also intended to be a part of the risk management program, that is projected to further enhance operational flexibility and certainty at times when there are supply chain disruptions due to unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic or natural disasters.

NuZee, Inc. is a leading co-packing company for single-serve coffee formats that partners with companies of all sizes to help them develop within the single-serve and private label coffee category. Providing innovative and eco-conscious solutions with the flexibility and capacity for both small roasters and large global brands, NuZee is revolutionizing the way single-serve coffee is enjoyed in the United States.

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