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How Google Maps is using Machine learning to Pacify Google Business?

For the past few years, machine learning has revolutionized the face of technology. Today, machine learning has redefined the way we perceive technology and its aspects in our daily life. Leveraging this advantage of machine learning, Google Maps is using machine learning for filtrating Google Business profiles.

Machine Learning and Google Maps

The future of moderating toxic online activity is in the hands (or teeth, depending on your perspective) of machine learning. If the term’s meaning is fuzzy—it’s basically artificial intelligence (AI) allowing computers to learn about their environment by exploring patterns in data. In the hands of search behemoth Google, machine learning got a real workout in 2021 by policing abusive behavior on Google Maps.

In a recent post about how Google keeps Maps information reliable, the company said it used ML and human operators to block more than 100 million attempted fraudulent edits to Google Business Profiles. It also took down more than 7 million fake profiles — and 630,000 of those removals were based on user reports. Additionally, Google says it also stopped 12 million attempts to impersonate a company and shut down 8 million fraudulent attempts to claim a company’s profile. On top of all that, Google shut down 1 million accounts due to related policy violations.

Clarifying Fraudulent Accounts

The report on Maps reliability also included measures Google took as businesses began to open back up in 2021 and people attempted to harm them with fake reviews. Over 95 million reviews violating Google policies were dumped, and 60,000 of those were related in some way to issues surrounding COVID-19. ML also assisted the Google Maps team in taking down almost 200 million poor-quality or policy-violating photos and videos.

Google Maps can be a magnet for shady behavior, so it’s good to see how hard Google is working to clean house. But while Google Maps is using ML to great effect, it’s also good to know that human eyes are still involved in the process — especially if you feel that review joking about blowing up a pizza joint for its terrible garlic bread was unjustly deleted. Artificial intelligence has no sense of humor.

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