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Google developing a COVID-19 Screening Website? Truth or Rumor

The US President, Donald Trump, recently announced that a thousand engineers at Google are developing a website for Coronavirus screening and testing. He also claimed that it would enable the US citizens to carry out self-screening at home, helping them to take precautionary measures at the right time.

Indeed, a website is being created focusing on the Coronavirus outbreak, except for the fact that the company isn’t Google. A smaller company, called Verily, is in the process of creating that website.

Verily launched its pilot website on Sunday for the screening and testing of COVID-19. However, the website is still undergoing development and was rolled out to test only in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company also stated that if everything goes well, they will continue to expand it over other regions.

According to the company, the tool will require users to login with a Google account. It will be followed by a series of questions to narrow down the results. If a person’s response is showcasing positive symptoms, then the website will display the nearest location for the virus test. The person will then have to visit the location and submit the required samples. It will be sent to the lab, and once the results are out, it will be displayed on the website.

Even though Trump’s statement was a bit exaggerated, we still hope that the development of the screening website is a success and would be a great help in the future. Google or not, the site launch will surely help to curb down the Coronavirus fear in the coming days.  

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