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Factory-Sealed OG iPhone Out for Auction; Expected to Bring $50,000

A brand-new sealed iPhone is set for auction this week. The iPhone launched in 2007 has an original price of $599 would probably bring a massive jackpot of around $50,000 for the owner

iPhones have always remained a status symbol and point of attraction in society. An unopened and unused OG iPhone is out for sale at LCG Auctions. Reportedly, the auction will start on Thursday. Apple enthusiasts will have time until 19th Feb to get in the bid. As per the LCG auction house, the OG device could make a minimum of $50,000. 

Specifications of the First Smartphone Model of Apple

The iPhone for auction is the first-generation smartphone from Apple having a screen size of 3.5 inches. The smartphone has storage options of 4 and 8 GB and a 2 MP camera. iTunes and internet capabilities are a plus. App store and the latest 5G network are missing from the device. At the time, the iPhone operated on a 2G network rather than the AT&T network.

Owner of the Historical iPhone

Karen Green, the famous cosmetic tattoo artist, owns the historical piece. She received the phone as a gift after joining PetSmart as a manager. At the time, Green had Verizon’s three phone lines. As the OG iPhone excluded the AT&T network, she decided to keep it unused. In 2019, Green assessed the iPhone cost approximately $5,000. Thus, she decided to keep the phone. Green wants funds for her tattoo studio and decided to list the OG iPhone for auction. 

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The Fruitful Auction

Before this, in October, an unopened iPhone sold at the highest price of $39,340. The cost was a record-setter, as $599 was the actual price of the device. According to an Insider report, in August 2022, an unopened iPhone sold out for $35,000. Even more, a factory-sealed iPod auctioned for $25,000. The starting bid for Green’s unused iPhone is $2,500, and the price may gear up in the upcoming days. Let’s see how much does first-generation iPhone brings for Green. 

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