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Chrome’s Journeys Lets you Revisit Old Browsing Sessions and Resume Your Search

Google Chrome’s new feature will let you revisit your old browsing sessions based on the subject matter you were previously searching for. The new feature, named Journeys, will let your browse through your previous browsing history.

If you type a word in the address bar that is related to some convoluted rabbit hole you have been down in the past, you will see a “Resume your research” option that links you to the related sites you have visited before.

The new feature clumps together related searches from past browsing sessions. So far, Chrome’s Journeys seems like a much more feasible solution than scrolling through search history for that one site that you faintly remember browsing three weeks ago.

Declutter Browsing History

If you were knee-deep in research about axolotls, you should see all the related pages you accessed in Journeys whenever you type in the creature’s name at a later date. The Chrome’s Journeys page will prominently display the sites you have spent more time on and will also provide suggestions based on what you have searched for.

According to Google, you can also delete specific sites included in your Journeys, erase chunks of history, and turn off the feature altogether. None of the moves will be saved to your Google account, and users do not have to worry about past Journeys disturbing their browsing experience on mobile.

Google’s Expansion Plans

Google is planning to expand the feature to other devices in the future. It is currently available on the desktop version of Chrome on all operating systems in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish. Along with Journeys, Google is also adding few more updates in the form of Chrome Actions and widgets. It is also adding some new widgets for Chrome on Android (that were first spotted in the beta release of Chrome 95 last year).

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