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Sony PlayStation will get Voice Commands in its Upcoming Updates

In a piece of recent news, the upcoming PS 4 and PS5 system update will include a handful of new accessibility and quality of life features to Sony’s consoles. These additions include support for voice commands on PS5. Sony’s previous-generation console has had that feature since launching in 2013, but it’s now making its way to the company’s latest console too.

Introducing “Hey Sony PlayStation”

The beta features will be available to English-speaking users in the US and UK first. Sony is adding a system option that will make the console respond to “Hey PlayStation.” The feature can be turned off. However, leaving it on will allow users to use their voice for launching games and other apps, as well as open the system menu and control media playback.

The update will further bring other new accessibility features. These will also include an update that makes headphones output mono sound. Sony notes that is something that should be particularly helpful to players with unilateral hearing loss.

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Added Feature of ‘Parties’

As a part of the same update, Sony is also tweaking the working of group chats. They will be known as parties and users will have the option to decide whether they are to remain private or open to the public. In case users leave their party open, other individuals or people can join in without an invite. Moreover, friends can also join in without an invite link.

Another new PS5 feature will allow users to filter your games by genre, as well as keep up to five of them to their console’s home screen for quick access. Sony has also updated the design of trophy cards and added support for more screen reader languages, among other changes.

Users can help Sony beta test the update by signing up to do so on the company’s website. Additionally, Sony will release both Sony PlayStation 4 and PS5 system updates later in 2022.

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