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Advanced MedAesthetic Partners (AMP): A cutting-edge medical aesthetics company that specializes in providing advanced aesthetic treatments.

Founded in 2022 by Nicole Chiaramonte, AMP offers a wide range of services that combine medical expertise with advanced aesthetic techniques to help individuals & business enhance their aesthetic goals.

With more than 25 years of experience in start-up management and ownership of Management Service Organizations (MSOs) in the legal and medical industries, Nicole is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. 

Since 2012, she has been focused on the Aesthetics Industry, bringing her unique expertise in buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions. 

Nicole believes in the power of partnerships and understands the synergies that can be achieved through strategic collaborations. 

Her firsthand experience in running businesses and managing acquisitions and mergers makes her a valuable asset in the aesthetics industry.

After running and rehabbing aesthetics practices for over a decade, Nicole was inspired to found AMP to protect her business partners, employees, and their patients.  

The primary goal for AMP is to establish a world-class platform that could serve as an example of “best practices” for all aspects of aesthetic medicine, from comprehensive clinical training to top-notch support services, including human resources, management and customer service training, marketing, and technology solutions. 

What Makes AMP a Smart Company?

AMP is committed to providing exceptional aesthetic treatments and comprehensive support services to help its partners. 

Whether it’s training and education for clinical staff, business management support, or modern technology solutions, AMP offers opportunities for the growth of its partners in the medical aesthetics industry.

With cutting-edge solutions, AMP is the smart and most reliable company among its competitors. 

According to Nicole Chiaramonte:

“To me, a smart company is an efficient, responsive company with high employee retention and great culture”.

The field of aesthetics often faces challenges such as redundancy, inefficiency, and high turnover at the location level. Advanced MedAesthetic Partners (AMP) addresses these issues by assembling a specialized and experienced team that minimizes the need for “do-overs” or mulligans. 

AMP believes in doing things right the first time around and invests in the time and resources necessary to ensure that.

One of AMP’s unique approaches is its unwavering commitment to employee professional development. 

Team members have access to comprehensive training, education, and mentorship opportunities, creating a clear career path within the company. This unprecedented level of investment in employee growth and advancement sets AMP apart within the industry. 

AMP believes that by providing its team members with the tools and resources to excel in their roles, they can build a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, reducing turnover and promoting long-term success for both employees and the company as a whole.

A Learning Curve Behind AMP Establishment

Let’s tear down Nicole Chiaramonte’s journey for AMP establishment:

“Acquiring knowledge in a new industry, particularly in the field of medicine, proved to be a formidable challenge. 

Equally challenging was the task of leading and managing diverse groups of women, after having worked predominantly with men for over a decade. 

In order to balance this dynamic, I sought out opportunities for “girl time” and discovered valuable insights about others and myself in the process.

With each step towards progress and growth, my motivation stemmed from the desire to create employment opportunities or extend assistance to struggling new partners. 

The fear of failing them propelled me forward. 

Rather than being solely driven by financial gain, I continually reinvested profits into the business, prioritizing the well-being of those involved over monetary considerations”.

What Drives AMP in Terms of Work Culture?

AMP has a compassionate, performance-based culture driven to achieve and deliver excellence for its partners and patients. “Clear is Kind” is a motto they follow not only as part of ensuring healthy culture but to promote working smart. 

With the right information, AMP makes reliable decisions and executes them in a clear manner. 

As you scale, one can no longer wear all the hats. Proper delegation with an exceptional team, allows AMP to focus on its area of genius. It is a recipe for smart operations and keeps the team from burning out.

How AMP Makes a Difference Worldwide?

At the heart of AMP’s mission is the unwavering commitment to deliver value at the local level. One of the most thrilling advantages for individuals who become part of AMP is the potential to propel their careers to new heights beyond what was previously attainable at the individual location level. 

AMP has the capacity to create positive transformations in the lives of its employees, and when replicated consistently, this has a meaningful impact on a global platform. 

They are dedicated to empowering their team members to reach their full potential, and they believe that these collective advancements contribute significantly to AMP’s overarching vision and goals.

Future of AMP

Nicole has given a sneak peek at what holds for AMP in the future. She stated:

“At less than a year old, AMP is growing faster than our most aggressive projections. It is exciting how many top-level physicians understand and believe in the vision. 

Over the next few years, I see AMP becoming the standard bearer for best practices in the aesthetic industry by running the most comprehensive internal clinical and leadership training program; operating the healthiest and most successful practices; and showing the world what an organization of fully aligned partners can create. I believe a rising tide raises all ships, and this is what we are doing for our practices and the industry as a whole”.

AMP understands consolidation trends in the aesthetics industry, making it harder for single physicians and small practices to thrive. That’s where AMP comes in. 

One of the things that excite the AMP’s team is a training platform to cover aesthetics, dermatology, plastics, and a full range of health & wellness services. It will add significant value-add for aesthetic providers.

 AMP is excited to get achieve and bring together the best of the best in the industry. 

Let’s hope for an AMP’s remarkable future.