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Driving Ongoing Innovation and Growth with Advanced Technology And Superior Talent: E2open

“We’re changing everything. We’re creating a more connected, collaborative supply chain.” A new set of intelligent applications and the world’s largest direct business network are …

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OnPoint Customer Service Solutions: Connecting Brands and Consumers Through Custom Warranty Products and Services

OnPoint connects brands to their consumers through dynamic service experiences designed to reduce risk, increase efficiency, delight customers, and improve bottom lines. The firm combines …

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Renee Welsh CEO Embed

Embed: Trailblazing the FEC Industry with Game-Changing Innovation and Technology

A Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is essentially a small amusement park or entertainment zone that typically serves local communities in big and small cities. FECs …

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Susumu Matsuda, CEO, Santoku Corporation

“Our Mission Is to Create and Guide Safety Methods and Ideas That Do Not Yet Exist in The World”: Santoku Corporation Co. Ltd.

In this age of overflowing goods and intensifying cost competition, the focus is on creating ideas and thoughts, not things – says Susumu Matsuda, Director …

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Eric Jones, CEO, Enthought

Enthought: Increasing Digital Maturity to Transform Your Business

Creative disruption in digital transformation depends on digital skills. There is significant benefit from implementing technology, for example in how data is organized, accessed and …

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Reynolds Bish, CEO, Kofax

Kofax: Enabling Organizations to Work Like Tomorrow – Today

Kofax’s Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer engagement. It combines RPA, …

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Gary Advani & Joe Advani of Creative Concepts

Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group: Retail Innovations on the path of transforming the World

The business landscape is one of the most uncertain territories where enterprises fail or rise to fame daily. In this competitive space, it is a …

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Fritz Zerweck, CEO, ehotel

A Pioneer of Hotel Booking Platforms: Berlin-based ehotel Is Helping Business Travellers Make the Best Travel Choices

When it comes to booking hotels, business travelers look for an intuitive and straightforward experience. Moreover, it can be challenging for them to find a …

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Walter Roger, President & CEO of Baker Communications

Baker Communications: Reshaping The Industry Through Constant Curiosity

In the current economic environment, change has become the only prevailing constant for most companies.  This environment of constant change impacts both the employees and …

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Joe Li, Chairman of ATFX

ATFX: Offering the Best Trading Experience For the Customers

Trading is one of the oldest and most renowned industries globally. The companies that are involved in this industry aim to build trust and reliability …

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