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Embed: Trailblazing the FEC Industry with Game-Changing Innovation and Technology

Renee Welsh CEO Embed

A Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is essentially a small amusement park or entertainment zone that typically serves local communities in big and small cities. FECs are designed to keep the entire family engaged, generally at a significantly less per-person cost than a traditional amusement park.

With time, the proliferate of FECs has grown exponentially and more such centers are emerging. To thrive in the increasing competition, FEC business owners have to adapt several new business strategies and solutions. 

Companies like Embed are catering to the need of the FEC business owners with their robust and cutting-edge solutions. Established in 2001, the Singapore-based company has grown from a humble tech startup to an integrated cloud-based business solutions platform that enables owners in the family entertainment space to achieve greater operational efficiency—while reducing costs and increasing profitability. 

Embed rose through the ranks rapidly, establishing partnerships with tech giants such as AWS, Google, and Apple. The company built a comprehensive and holistic consumer experience by constantly innovating and brainstorming creative ideas and cultivating close-knit relationships with customers and partners.

With over 1000 customers and 3000 installations around the world, it is a worldwide leader of integrated cashless business management systems and solutions for family entertainment, amusement, and attractions. 

Robust Set of Solutions

Embed’s software platform TOOLKIT allows businesses to have real-time visibility and control across its entire operation with a full range of games management, real-time prize inventory, guest party planning, bookings via mobile, and integrated point-of-sales including bundles and upsell packages.

Alongside this, the company’s solution suite includes hardware solutions—contactless arcade debit game card readers, re-defined RFID wrist bands that combine fashion and textile designs with various materials and technology, stunning game cards designs, and self-service kiosks—to transform businesses into a completely cashless consumer experience. 

The next-generation award-winning Mobile Wallet solution developed by Embed further bolsters the company’s cashless features. Launched in 2019 by Embed’s CEO Renee Welsh—a formidable award-winning Australian entrepreneur—the Mobile Wallet allows customers to add virtual game cards to their Apple Wallet or Google Pay, enabling contactless gameplay with virtual game cards that can be reloaded anytime, anywhere.

This breakthrough technology makes Embed the only non-banking finance-payment or loyalty card business and brand card that sits in the consumers’ mobile wallet with no app download required. Mobile Wallet is also the only FEC business solution that is Apple iOS and Google Android compliant. 

Attuning with Technology

Embed’s a unique methodology of developing robust solutions is the secret behind its continued visionary history and advanced technology offerings.  The company ensures guest centricity by researching consumer behavior as well as industry trends. 

Whether it is observing guest journey in a venue or going through research papers, we analyze how we can bring the data together and ultimately enable business owners to improve the guest experience while increasing profitability,” asserts Renee. 

Furthermore, Embed meticulously tracks technological advancements in other hyper-competitive industries and partners with the best-in-class providers to bring them to FEC customers. 

Catering to the Need of the Hour

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a myriad of challenges for entertainment business owners. However, during the crisis, Embed’s solutions turned out to be the best solutions for them to meet customer expectations and deliver a superior guest experience. Their customers are usually more hygiene-conscious and cautious of safety.

The low-touch feature of the company’s integrated solution ensures guest safety and satisfaction. “We enable our clients to offer effective next-level contactless experience within their venues, helping them connect with the guests at a deeper level,” adds Renee.

During the crisis, Embed showcased an entrepreneurial response to critical situations while upholding core values. With amusement and attraction being one of the hardest-hit industries due to the pandemic, the company’s clients were impacted and struggled to reopen their FECs.

Demonstrating its mission to enable, empower, and ease the business of fun, Embed declared its commitments to the industry’s recovery by giving away the Mobile Wallet for free in 2020. Embed extended this giveaway until 2021. 

Swift Actions during the Crisis

Embed pivoted its strategy and worked in six-week cycles of innovation to roll out a sequence of industry-supporting initiatives. In March, Embed huddled with the industry to spotlight industry insiders—who shared their strength and leadership via #EmbedLive (over 100 video segments) and published free insight white papers, as well as almost 100 blogs to support the industry through the uncertain times. In April, the company implemented the COVID-19 Relief Act—giving the latest award-winning innovation, the Mobile Wallet to everyone for free for one year.

In May, Embed launched the COVID-19 Resource Center which includes an array of free tools for the industry. Additionally, in July, the company demonstrated its commitment to the industry by joining the fight to eradicate COVID-19 with a new approach to hygiene protection—Embed Hygiene Defence products—100% natural, non-toxic, hygiene protection that is safe for families. Renee was the face behind Embed’s commendable superhuman effort.

She regularly communicates with various clients—from multi-site to small-scale businesses—listening to them and incorporating insights to Embed’s offerings. Her passion and deep expertise were instrumental in enabling the company to transform its business and help clients reinvent themselves during the pandemic. 

Carrying the Baton Forward

Introducing game-changing innovations and pioneering the industry’s transformation, Embed continues to be a trailblazer in the FEC industry. The company makes its mark by providing a win-win situation for both guests and clients. Enunciating Embed’s future plans, Renee concludes, “Nothing makes me happier than to hear my customers tell me how Embed’s COVID-19 Relief Act has helped them thrive during the pandemic. We look forward to continuing to empower, enable, and ease the business of fun for our customers as they begin a new chapter in the industry’s post-pandemic recovery.”

“Our technology system pays for itself, and while that is great, I am more interested in partnering with our customers to transform their businesses.”