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World Trade Center will Replace Traditional Keys with iPhone and Apple Watch

In a piece of recent news, offices at the World Trade Center will replace keys with iPhone and Apple watch. Reports state that the switch will make it easier for those with an iPhone or Apple Watch working in the building to use their mobile as an alternative way of entering and exiting the building.

Apple Wallet and Office Keys

Development firm Silverstein Properties have announced the replacement of traditional office kets with iPhone and Apple Watch for the offices at the World Trade Center. It will streamline the entry and exit process for people working at the building.

According to the President of Silverstein Properties Tal Kerret, “We are proud to make it easy for our employees and customers to get into our buildings, their offices, and our shared lounges, cafes, conference facilities and yoga studios using employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch. Through our Inspire app, we can now provide and manage access to any number of buildings and spaces in a safe and secure way.

Additionally, the process also becomes easier for shared offices. Due to the digital nature of the keys, they can be given and revoked freely, hence making it easier to lease out spaces on a short-term basis.

Streamlined Access Management

The adoption of Apple integrated devices is not new. In 2021, the Hyatt hotel group announced the adoption of similar smart locks in some of their locations. However, the implementation of Apple Wallet integration allows Silverstein to easily manage shared office spaces.

According to the company, companies could lease an office suite at 7 World Trade Center on alternate days through the week. It also provides contactless office access which can be managed directly through the Wallet app and Silverstein app available on iOS.

Seamless Apple Integration

Silverstein Properties is a leading real estate development, investment and management firm based in New York City. The integration will launch first at the 7 World Trade Center in New York. The company stated that it will also expand the service to office customers in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles over the coming months. In December 2021, Apple launched support for hotel keys in Apple Wallet, but only at six Hyatt hotels. Ideally, all of these features will expand to additional locations sooner rather than later.

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