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Trademark filings point to ‘Reality’ branding for Apple’s mixed reality headset

Brand name filings spotted by Bloomberg recommend Apple could consolidate “Reality” in the name and marking of its for quite some time supposed blended reality headset. Three separate filings show brand names for “Reality One,” “Reality Pro,” and “Reality Processor,” matching the realityOS name that sprung up in Apple’s code and a brand name application that possibly alludes to the headset’s working framework.

The applications weren’t documented by Apple itself, yet by an organization called Immersive Health Solutions, LLC. Organizations like Apple frequently utilize the names of shell organizations while petitioning for a patent or brand name to assist with keeping their arrangements hidden. However, as Bloomberg brings up, the Delaware-based Immersive Health Solutions was enlisted by Corporation Trust Co. — one more shell organization that additionally showed up on the realityOS brand name.

Additional Documentation

Not withstanding the US, applications were additionally documented in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Uruguay. Each of the three filings notice “virtual and expanded reality headsets, goggles, glasses, and smartglasses.” It’s conceivable that the “Truth One” brand name alludes to the name of the actual headset, while “Reality Pro” demonstrates a spec-supported form that Apple has arranged not too far off, in accordance with the equivalent “Master” moniker Apple applies to its better quality gadgets. In the mean time, the name “Reality Processor” may suggest the headset’s handling unit, which is reputed to be a M2 chip.

The applications surfaced somewhat north of seven days before Apple’s “Out of sight,” yet it’s impossible that the blended reality headset will show up. The headset is reputed to consider both increased reality (AR) and computer generated reality (VR) encounters and games, including VR adaptations of Apple Maps and FaceTime, and possibly even encounters in view of Hollywood films. Apple’s top managerial staff purportedly got to evaluate the headset back in May, however Apple examiner Ming-Chi Kuo predicts it won’t stir things up around town until January 2023.

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