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The Promise of Safe and Healthy Indoor Environment for Everyone: SanUVAire, LLC

Starting a business to survive and flourish for generations requires a unique breed of character and personality.  People start businesses every day, but only the Captains of Industry start businesses that become companies and later organizations that become household names. It doesn’t matter what the industry is, if there is a specific need – whether it is Jeff Bezos capitalizing on the internet’s vast dominion to engage shopping or an Andrew Carnegie expanding the American steel industry, there are business leaders whose means in accumulating their own fortunes ultimately have an impact on the way we live.

Chad Sleiman, CEO and Founder, started SanUVAire because ‘air’ is not just a way of life, it is the way we live

Getting Off the Grounds

Air is the most important environmental element we rely on every moment to survive. We take it for granted that every breath inhaled is always ‘good’ or ‘clean’ air; we never stop to think that we may be breathing dirty air. Sadly, prominent organizations such as The World Health Organization, CDC, EPA, ASHRAE, and Department of Homeland Security tout the quality of indoor air we breathe as approximately 5x worse than outdoor air quality.  In other words, the indoor air we breathe is, indeed, ‘dirty’ air. 

Chad Sleiman is a business leader who recognized this need early in his career and embarked on a venture to improve the quality of the indoor air we breathe daily in the places we think are safe, such as our homes, schools, work places, hospitals, public transport vehicles and even our vehicles. Sleiman believed that our common and familiar places should provide us with safe, quality air to breathe, thus, have a healthy impact on the way we live. This is why Sleiman resolved to start SanUVAire.

SanUVAire: A Class Apart

Sleiman stresses on the fact how every few years, the public experiences some new issue or potential crisis and the trend is always reactive. However, all of us, including small businesses, corporations, agencies, and governments, react to threats rather than preparing with preventative measures. To date, there has been no policy or grassroots initiative implemented to proactively address indoor air quality and corresponding harmful airborne pathogens and infectious diseases.

We may learn from reacting to mistakes, but sometimes our mistakes can be costly as is evident in the current COVID-19 crisis. So, my idea has been to approach our air quality proactively because we also know from the prominent organizations that 90 percent of infectious diseases are airborne,” said Sleiman.

Ensuring Safer Public Transits

Sleiman’s direction for SanUVAire has been to target the public transportation industry. Through experience, he learned that public transport agencies struggle to address daily health hazards faced by commuters and travelers and, when a crisis occurs such as the current pandemic, transit agencies are always reactive. “Our goal is to improve this reactive trend by educating and helping transit agencies provide proactive solutions to ensure safe and healthy environments in the public’s everyday commute” Sleiman says; “and, we do this with SanUVAire 360–our comprehensive 360-degree UVGI technology approach to air purification, coil disinfection, surface sterilization, air filtration, and air quality monitoring; a complete and comprehensive portfolio to breathe safe and breathe clean.

This present environment with the COVID-19 virus is keeping Sleiman and his company very busy. Sleiman says SanUVAire is receiving great numbers of inquiries from public transportation agencies because its technology provides the ultimate protection. “We are mobilizing to give each agency its required attention for a full ecosystem to combat the virus from every angle.

SanUVAire is also the only UVGI technology company focused on the public transit market. From a product standpoint, SanUVAire’s R&D team is enhancing its products to make them more integrate-able with modern transportation technologies. Eventually, the firm is looking forward to seeing its products built into every public vehicle, from personal vehicles to aircraft, all over the world.

The Journey So Far

Under Sleiman’s vision, SanUVAire is also growing and creating a reputation for responsive and attentive customer service with complete, value-add, turn-key product solutions. SanUVAire implements green initiatives, while remaining innovative and nimble. Sleiman says, “our products will always be reliable and affordable.” SanUVAire also fulfills socioeconomic requirements such as minority-specific initiatives and has taken on the mission to enable commercial industries and transit agencies to reduce their waste contribution to landfills and has encouraged a change of culture.

For Sleiman, his vision carries little merit without a healthy and encouraging work environment. The reason SanUVAire’s reputation is elevating is due to Team SanUVAire. “It is our Team, the passionate and dedicated work force that compels me to take this Company to the next level, into the household name category,” concludes Sleiman.  Team SanUVAire is one big family and Sleiman plans to grow together until SanUVAire and its products impact the way we live for generations to come.

Air is Life, SanUV‘Air’e for Better Life!

The Founder’s Desk

Chad Sleiman

Chad Sleiman is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo earning his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering, Computing and Applied Mathematics, and an MBA. Mr. Sleiman is a Business Leader, an Entrepreneur, Educator, Problem Solver and Investor with a passion for startup ventures. He has acquired multiple patents as well.

Mr. Sleiman is a dedicated family man who has two children. He coaches youth sports and is an avid athlete, soccer and chess player in his spare time.

SanUVAire, LLC is doing a wonderful job in creating healthy and safe indoor environments for everyone. Check out their website for more details.

Quote: “We are a niche company, with proven indoor air quality solutions and preventative strategies, and we were here long before COVID-19 advising and educating transit authorities on the health benefits of improving indoor air quality as well as the cost savings.