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Kerubiel Ltd. Offers Services in The Field of Data Protection, Information Management & Security, And GDPR Readiness to Help Companies Thrive in The Global Market

In recent years, it has become quite common to see that different areas regarding information management are interconnected. Such is the case with IT, ICT, information security, and data protection. Cloud and AI-based technology, cybersecurity, and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation have made it apparent that professionals from these fields shall communicate and cooperate more intensely. Therefore, Kerubiel came into being so that adequate solutions can be delivered to deal with the challenges raised in these sectors mentioned above.

Established in 2017, Kerubiel provides a wide range of services such as IT audits, information security counseling (e.g. IT risk assessment, IT security counseling), development of complex cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI-based solutions, development of and counseling concerning Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in case of attacks, GDPR counseling (e.g. data protection audits and counseling), outsourced activities (DPO or CISO services) and other services, such as trainings and education.

Recently, Kerubiel has decided to actively take part in R&D to carry out various VR and AI-related researches concerning the healthcare sector and security applications in close cooperation with the University of Pisa, the University of Malta, and the British and Cyprian research centers. Furthermore, the company became a member of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary, an organization with the aim to promote the research and application of AI in Hungary. 

Getting Off the Grounds: Kerubiel’s Projects

The two main areas where Kerubiel began to operate were information security and data protection. As to the first, with the leadership of CEO, László György Dellei, the company managed to assess, support and – in some cases – protect the IT and information management infrastructure of the clients, mostly bigger corporations. Secondly, Kerubiel has effectively counseled and supported its clients concerning data protection issues by developing firm expertise in the field of successful management of data breaches. 

Overall, in the last two years, Kerubiel has managed to build an ever-growing clientele ranging from multinational and big corporations to SMEs and small companies. This clientele comes from the sectors of health, insurance, financial, and many others. Besides, Kerubiel has established a wide network of cooperating experts contributing to the services of the company for the benefit of its clients. 

Ensuring High Quality of Action in Every Project

Kerubiel always applies state-of-the-art and advanced solutions to support its clients – for instance, the ISO 27000, which focuses on assessing the IT infrastructure of the client, identifying IT system availability, potential risk factors, and security or operational failures. The firm utilizes the NIST 800-53 controls assessment to identify gaps within IT systems and focus on controls, time and budget to minimize deviations and redundancies. Based on information gathered through these methods, Kerubiel provides its client with information on the IT system, its risks, and errors with detailed suggestions on how to address these deficiencies. 

Other than that, Kerubiel has recognized the importance of driving technological advancement. In recent years, the cost of incidents and other cyber-crimes has tripled. Hackers have become more sophisticated and can even leverage AI to lead automated phishing attacks, accelerate polymorphic malware, and bypass regular security features. Therefore, Kerubiel seeks to exploit the application of artificial intelligence to strengthen the security of IT systems in the private and public sectors. To this end, the company participates in the R&D project and in the work of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition of Hungary.

Technology & Innovation at Kerubiel

Innovation is not a motto; it is basically the driving force of the company. From its R&D projects to the regular operations, a strong reliance on new applications and solutions is emphasized. 

Kerubiel launched two projects aiming to utilize AI and VR based solutions. It seeks to simplify the labor-intensive process concerning cybersecurity with a new AI-based solution that will analyze anomalies, detect the risk levels, and advise system security analysts on the retaliation course of action in case of a security incident. In addition, the company carries out research concerning a virtual reality powered game to patients, who have suffered a stroke to help them rehabilitate faster. Finally, Kerubiel is also developing a new IoT-based solution to aid the orthodontic market, simplifying life for both dentists and their patients. 

The Way Ahead

Kerubiel believes that it is hopefully on the right track to becoming a major player in the field of IT, ICT, information security, and data protection in Hungary and in the CEE region. The firm’s innovative and fresh approaches and its constant efforts for further development are what drive Kerubiel towards its main goal: to provide expertise and support to clients. “The success of our clients in this way becomes our own success as well,” the company says.

The Founder’s Desk

László György Dellei, Founder & CEO

László (CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CISSP, CEH, OSCP, C|CISO, OSCE, CSA, CCSE, OSA, MCDBA, MCSE Security, Certified Expert witness) is a leading expert in the fields of information security and data protection in Hungary. As the founder of Kerubiel Ltd., Mr. Dellei provides expert counsel to multinational and big corporations as well as SMEs. His main focus is to ensure that the clients of Kerubiel meet the highest possible level of compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

At Kerubiel, we provide our services in a personalized way, with due regard of the expectations of the clients, gathering or providing crucial information on matters deemed to be important by them as well as information related to our work.