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iZND Group: Aligning Your Organization Strategically To Become More Competitive In the Industry

iZND provides a managed services program featuring a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals specializing in developing services and products to meet the customers’ needs and best interests. The team at iZND has invested in extensive resources and developed a mature Managed IT Services Program, Cloud Computing Solutions and Professional IT Project Delivery. 

For an organization, losing track of the priorities might happen easily. It starts with issues like what servers to buy and what firewall to install. Then the operating system breaks down, security is breached and network disruptions become a daily problem. So, outsourcing the core and critical IT requirements with iZND Services can be a smart option. Isaac Andy, CEO of iZND Group says, “At iZND Services, we are flexible. Your business gains by reducing costs and complexities, and increasing operational efficiency. We provide our customers with a repeatable, proven process that delivers consistent end-results regardless of project scope or client.

iZND: A Class Apart

iZND along with its group of companies is aligned to your business metrics through its Partner Expert Leveraging Programme, and works hand in hand with you to deliver superior quality to your clients. The firm helps you enhance your business performance, improve margins, align technology with business priorities, reduce costs, improve service speed and flexibility, and achieve long-term success.

iZND’s complete spectrum of infrastructure outsourcing services will help you build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of your businesses in a multi-sourcing scenario. It provides a one-stop solution with all necessary hardware and software according to your specifications and requirements. Everything including the hardware, software, network, security, and backup will be managed by iZND as well as configured, according to your needs. iZND becomes your IT partner to consistently improve efficiencies and increase the productivity of your organization so that you can focus on what you specialize in and pay attention to what is really important for your business.

Products and Services for All Your Business or Corporate IT Needs

iZND Services provides a single point of contact for all your IT business requirements, a complete technology life cycle support for companies. It delivers quality technology products and services through a comprehensive range of customized offerings by helping companies understand the practical business implications of emerging technologies. “We tailor our services to fit our client’s requirements and providing best-in-class service at a substantial cost saving. Our customized options can supplement other vendor solutions,” the company says.

The experienced and knowledgeable team at iZND offers rapid response and individual focus to clients. They have proven ability to manage projects both domestically and internationally, including extensive logistics experience.

iZND GPS Fleet Management Solution 

iZND GPS Server is a leading web-based GPS tracking platform successfully used by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, service organizations and other businesses with mobile workers around the world. 

In addition to real-time tracking, the iZND GPS Server platform includes modules for Vehicle Maintenance, Dispatch, ECO Driving, Driver Journal, Alerts and Reporting. iZND GPS Server is easy to install on-site on your own servers and it is also available as a hosted service that you access with a web browser for access. 

iZND POS Solution – Retail Solution Module

The iZND Retail Module of sales system is something that your business can count on.  Manage inventory, loyalty program, employee and delivered accurate business insights with the iZND POS Solution.

Boardroom Technologies

iZND enables everyone and every organization to have video conferencing anywhere and everywhere with a nominal budget.

Google Street Virtual Tour

The iZND Google Business View Service works in partnership with Google to offer Virtual Tour of client’s businesses and panoramic photo editing with the help of Google Maps technology. 

iZND Services Business Value

  • Predictable and standardized processes 
  • On-demand environment solutions to meet the dynamic business needs 
  • Transparent infrastructure solutions that reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) with various tools and automation frameworks 
  • Multi-sourced environment expertise to manage suppliers by assuring SLAs 
  • Singular accountability for business performance with an Integrated Service Delivery Model (ISDM) 
  • Continual improvement and innovation frameworks that leverage Service Improvement Plans (SIPs) and Lean Six Sigma

Core Services and Solutions 

  • Mobility Solutions
  • Remote Collaboration Solution – for Teams or Organization across the Globe
  • Office Virtualization 
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT Managed Services
  • Desktop, Server & Mobile Solution with Support Services
  • Vendor Management
  • IT Project Management

Knowing the CEO, Isaac Andy

Isaac Andy has developed applications, administered databases, and worked as a project manager in a wide variety of businesses. He has always been very passionate about helping businesses increase their efficiency by automating redundant tasks. He also believes that organizations must work on streamlining business processes to improve productivity and strategically align it to set a foothold in the market, and with iZND, Isaac aims to do that.

Putting in his sincere efforts to further this aim, Isaac is trying to reduce customers’ costs and complexities in their business, which in turn increases their operational efficiency. His company provides customers with a repeatable and proven process that delivers consistent end-results according to clients’ needs.

iZND’s services focus on providing One-Stop solution approach because we understand that eliminating confusion when it comes to support tools is important to the success of reducing any downtime encountered by your organization.