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Satellite SOS of iPhone 14 is now available for US and Canada

From now onwards iPhone 14 users can use the Emergency SOS via satellite feature. For now it is available in the US and Canada. From next month it will be available in France, Germany, Ireland and the UK.

What does the feature do?

With the help of this feature you can get in touch with emergency services even in areas with no cell or Wi-Fi connectivity.

How does the feature work?

According to GSM Arena, “This may be somewhere out in the wilderness or it might be in the heart of a city after a natural disaster brought down the power grid and communications.

The way this feature works is you answer a short questionnaire with vital information – what kind of emergency is it, how many people need help and additional details. These will be transmitted directly to emergency services that can receive text or one of Apple’s centers will make a call on your behalf for those that don’t You may send and receive additional messages to clarify the situation and help rescuers. Because satellite data is low bandwidth, Apple developed a compression that squeezes text 300%. The phone still needs around 15 seconds to transmit a message (more if you don’t have a clear view of the sky).

Besides the questionnaire, the iPhone can also transmit your Medial ID, if you have that set up. This describes various health conditions you have so that first responders will be aware of any potential issues (e.g. allergies to certain medications). Also, you can have up to 10 iMessage emergency contacts, who will receive a transcript of your emergency message that is sent out over satellite to keep them apprised of the situation.

The phone will guide you through the process of connecting with a satellite, which requires some manual aiming. There is a demo mode that lets you practice so that you will be ready for actual emergencies.”

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