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Reddit Demands Hefty Fees to Developers that Access Company’s Data and Content


Reddit has demanded developers to pay thousands of dollars for direct access to the company’s content and data.”

Social media platforms have given a new identity to online advertising with their unique concepts and ways of marketing. Advertising is offered in paid and free versions. Recently, one of leading social media cum question-answer platform Reddit has demanded developers to pay thousands of dollars for direct access to company’s content and data. This step has been taken to pull in a more diversified source of revenue for Reddit developer api.

What happened in Late 2021 in the world of API?

According to a post by the creator of a popular third-party app called Apollo, the company, which first announced plans for an IPO in late 2021, is asking developers to pay $12,000 for every 50 million requests. The developer described the figure as “deeply” disappointing.

The developer said in a Reddit post about the change, “Apollo made 7 billion requests last month, which would put it at about 1.7 million dollars per month, or 20 million US dollars per year,”.

API Cost and Leading Social Platforms Controversy

Third parties have long used application programming interfaces to access data from giant internet companies and connect to their apps. Reddit is home to an active community of apps, plugins, and services developed by both amateur and professional developers.

When Twitter announced that it would charge $42,000 for 50 million requests, users and developers were outraged. Despite Reddit’s promise to avoid such extreme pricing, Apollo’s developer stated that the company price is “still $12,000.”

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter and new AI-driven tools made their way into products used by millions of people, API cost has received increased attention. Large language models are used in modern AI programmes, which train themselves on mountains of web-based content, including user-generated posts on sites like Twitter and Reddit.

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