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Partners Pharmacy: Your Trusted Partners in Care


Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Springfield Township, New Jersey, Partners Pharmacy serves the medication management needs of over 48,000 residents in more than 500 long-term care, skilled nursing, and assisted living communities in the following states: Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia – as well as in the District of Columbia. Each regional Partners location provides the same unmatched personalized service through the combined resources of local teams and expanding national resources. Partners collaborate with the communities it serves to improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies that permit more time for direct patient care.

Partners Pharmacy is proud to be one of the top three largest long-term care pharmacy companies in the U.S. today. As one of the nation’s premier providers, Partners Pharmacy offers the full range of resources required to effectively serve the comprehensive medication needs of skilled nursing facilities, long-term care residences, assisted living communities, and their residents. Partners is a solution-focused enterprise employing 800 people, offering innovative technologies, advanced clinical systems, and multiple pharmacy locations – all poised to provide the highest quality pharmacy care available to facility residents.

Partners Pharmacy’s rapid growth and success in the industry are built on cost-effective medication management, on-site pharmacy availability, expert consultation, and a culture of exceptional personal service. Partners Pharmacy consistently supplies its client partners with the right medications for the right patients at the right times, thereby enabling clients to focus on the most important goal – providing top-quality care to residents each and every day.

Partners Advantage

Partners Pharmacy provides a variety of distinct benefits and service advantages that make it easy for senior living organizations to achieve the high-quality, cost-effective solutions required to remain successful in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Exceptional Personal Service: Partners’ reputation for superior customer service is well-earned and sets the company apart from other pharmacy providers. Our dedicated Account Management teams take great pride in supporting the care teams of client organizations and responding to all client needs with compliant, cost-effective solutions.

Effective Medication Management for Residents: Consistent with the Partners Pledge, accuracy, timeliness, quality, and availability of the appropriate medications for every patient is ensured. From STAT deliveries to emergency kit medications to infusion services, Partners provides the comprehensive pharmacy services that assisted living and skilled nursing facilities need to provide excellent care.

Reduced Costs without Compromising Quality: Partners Pharmacy is committed to maintaining quality outcomes while reducing clients’ costs through increased on-site medication availability, clinical pharmacist review, formulary controls, and fixed per-patient day pricing, as well as medication packaging and dosage options. Cost-containment strategies are a central component of the service, and Partners achieves savings on pharmaceutical costs for senior care communities in a number of ways.

Seamlessly Integrated Medication Solutions: Partners’ electronic pharmacy solutions employ EMR, eMAR, and CPOE technology to efficiently manage all key aspects of senior living pharmacy operations, from determining medication availability to expense management and mitigation. PartnerConnect is Partners’ proprietary web portal developed exclusively to help clients accomplish more in less time. PartnerConnect provides secure online access to price quotes, billing, and additional reports, facilitating greater efficiency and compliance.

Expert Consultant Pharmacist Services: Partners Consultant Pharmacists are experienced in assisted living and skilled nursing care pharmacy operations and possess in-depth knowledge of state-specific survey protocols. The consultants provide individualized resident reviews and customized reports, which promote the easy assessment of statistics and regulatory compliance for facility surveys.

Clinical Education and Training: To keep care teams as current and informed as possible about issues affecting assisted living and skilled nursing communities, Partners provides a variety of regional administrative symposiums, IV training, monthly online education, internal staff development, and facility-specific in-service education – all designed to improve outcomes for residents and facilities’ financial performances.

Timely and Informative Reporting: Partners provides the clinical and business documentation and analysis that senior care communities need to successfully manage operations. Services include customized monthly and quarterly reports that include statistical data comparisons, graphs, and individualized comments.

Medicare Part D Coverage: Long-term care and assisted living residents who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits are facing new challenges such as formulary management. Partners Pharmacy is a leader in assisting facilities with streamlined processes for Medicare Part D utilization.

Pharmacy Solutions

With more than 20 years of demonstrated excellence in serving the pharmacy needs of skilled nursing facilities, long-term care providers, and assisted living communities, Partners Pharmacy specializes in providing innovative, customized, and comprehensive pharmacy solutions that meet the challenges senior care communities face today.

Partners Pharmacy is extremely proud of its industry-wide reputation for customer service excellence. Each client community is assigned a Designated Account Manager to coordinate the implementation of all pharmacy services, provide ongoing support, introduce new programs, and proactively respond to the needs of each client.

Along with its commitment to customer service, Partners Pharmacy is also dedicated to managing the quality of medication services provided to clients. As part of its quality assurance program, Partners’ Consultant Pharmacists regularly review every resident’s medication chart to identify potentially dangerous medication interactions, duplications, or improper dosage – and to recommend alternatives that can increase the efficacy of a resident’s medications.

More than just a supplier of medications, Partners Pharmacy understands the extra measure of service and value required by assisted living and long-term care providers today. Partners have a unique understanding and insight into the complex needs of seniors in these communities and all pharmacists are specially trained in geriatric pharmacy to meet the unique needs of each individual community and its residents.

Partners Pharmacy delivers all the benefits of a leading national pharmacy provider, but with a highly-responsive and personalized approach that focuses on giving exacting attention to each prescription within a whole-patient context.

As the name implies, Partners Pharmacy believes any relationship functions best when there is a single-minded commitment to a common objective. At Partners, the commitment is to enable assisted living and long-term care customers to meet clinical, financial, and operational objectives.