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Instagram’s bug, which is making people rewatch old posts, is to be solved

Instagram’s bug will be resolved soon. In today’s world people come to social media websites for several reasons. Staying in connection with near and dear ones and getting to know how they are doing is one of the most important reasons. But being in a busy schedule it is not possible for everyone to spend a lot of time on these websites. If any bug in any of these websites wastes the users’ time, that can be a very annoying issue which can bring a lot of complaints to the company.  The same thing is happening with Instagram, the American photo and video sharing social networking service.

Instagram’s bug

The Verge in one of their articles reported, “Instagram Stories seem to be misbehaving for some users, making it so that they have to review all of someone’s stories before they’re able to see new ones. The issue has affected several Verge staff members since yesterday, and some Reddit users have reported the same thing is happening to them.”

Meta’s Response

Speaking about Instagram’s bug, Meta spokesperson Christine Pai to The Verge in an email stated that the company is “aware that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram Stories.” He apologized and added the company is “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible,”

Some of the popular posts on Twitter and Reddit with huge number of likes

  1. “Why Instagram making me view the same stories 100 times,” (Twitter)
  2. “Is anyone else’s Instagram making them rewatch the whole of peoples Instagram stories everytime they put a new one up.” (Twitter)
  3. “if I have to watch over these Instagram stories one more time.” (Twitter)
  4. “does anyone else have this issue where someone posts a new story and you click on it to watch it and it sends you back to the very first story they posted and not the new one? lol it’s annoying i hope it gets fixed soon.” (Reddit)
  5. The response – “Been happening to me since yesterday morning and I can’t find anything about the reason behind it or how to fix it. Glad that it isn’t just me though. I agree it’s super annoying.” (Reddit)

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