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Ilantus Technologies: Exhilarating IAM Experience with Ilantus’ Innovative IAM Paradigms


Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an important tool for securing software and web services. It enables several benefits such as elimination of weak passwords, improved and multi-factor security, mitigation of insider threats, and many more. Although an IAM provides enhanced security benefits, the evolving technological landscape requires a much comprehensive version of IAM for improved and highly integrable solutions. 

When Ilantus Technologies was established, it realized the challenges faced by clients caused due to the fragmented nature of IAM solutions. It also deduced the need for a comprehensive IAM solution that is easy to deploy and integrate with applications in the cloud as well as the on-premise environment. It commenced as a professional services company. Ilantus was established by Binod Singh (Founder, President, and Chairman) in 2000 and is currently spearheaded under the leadership of Arun K. Singh (CEO and Board Member).

Converged IAM Platform

Ilantus’ products are shaped with several enhanced capabilities such as authentication, adaptive authentication, device whitelisting and seamless operations during sporadic internet situations. It has established a Converged IAM platform in the current market. The platform is cloud-native, risk-aware, and an all-in-one solution and built on a zero-trust framework to provide identity-centric holistic cybersecurity. 

In 2018, Ilantus created a comprehensive All-in-one IAM solution called Compact Identity (CI)—uniquely positioned to capitalize on convergence trends and cloud-first strategy.

Next-Generation CI Product

A next-generation IAM solution, CI is simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. The third-generation product has earned three patents as a result of direct learning the market requirements. CI is a result of observing and understanding the market needs—offering facilities such as identity governance and management, privileged access management, and much more in a single platform. It also eliminates several complications and cost overheads occurring due to the fragmented IAM approach that is the norm in the industry today. Moreover, it was rewarded as the Best Cybersecurity Solution of the Year 2021 and Innovation in Cybersecurity awards.

Ilantus’ CI product offers the following facilities:

• Modular Solution – Ability to switch on or off capability depending on business needs 

• Guided Help – minimizes needs for training of users and administrators 

• Connector App store – Ease in integration with applications in the organization 

• Multi-tenant architecture – Easy deployment on any cloud platform and multitenancy 

• intelligent Identity analytics  

Spearheaded by Prodigious Minds

Being at the company’s forefront, Binod Singh and Arun K. Singh have been contributing to Ilantus’ growth since its establishment. Leveraging his astute leadership and business acumen, he focuses on providing the company with long-term direction and mentoring. 

Meanwhile, Arun was onboard with the company with years of vast experience in the cybersecurity domain. He has immensely contributed to the company’s transformation and aggressively drove innovation to differentiate Ilantus in the market. Under Arun’s stewardship, Ilantus encompassed several uncertainties caused by the pandemic and gained the market leadership position in SaaS Delivered, Converged IAM space. It also established itself as a disruptive company at the frontier of innovation. 

Rewarding Bequest

Ilantus beholds an encompassing and rewarding journey. Over the past two decades, it has gained extensive experience and deep cybersecurity insight from thousands of best-in-class, cloud-based IAM implementations for some of the biggest brands in the world including Fortune 500 companies. 

Ilantus carries a legacy of 20 years of passion in IAM. It has withstood several challenges and emerged as an award-winning company in the present scenario. Ilantus has featured in the list of Top 05 Disruptive Companies at the forefront of Innovation. It has recently been bestowed several renowned awards for innovation in cybersecurity and got very high recognition by analyst groups. Moreover, the company also withstood the hindrances induced by the recent global pandemic and devised newer capabilities that can help the organization sail through—resulting in multiple innovations. 

‘Ultimate Leader in Converged IAM Space’

Ilantus aims to be the ultimate leader in the Converged IAM space. It has been working on its goal even before the importance of the position was discovered by analysts. Its solutions are tailor-made to suit the current identity needs with preparation for the digital transformation of tomorrow.

Ilantus strives to continue focusing on building an Identity Fabric that supports blockchain-based decentralized identity and self-sovereign identities. The company’s future roadmap is to enhance its identity analytics engine to integrate it with other cybersecurity solutions in the organization and create more use cases for AI/ML to leverage these solutions deeply. Ilantus envisions improving its company flagship solutions as the go-to for IAM, especially as a market leader in the Converged IAM space.

Pinned Quote:

“Build your cybersecurity on a zero-trust framework – never trust always verify principle.”