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Assured Enterprises: Exemplifying Comprehensive and Sophisticated Cyber Solutions

Assured Enterprises

While innovation has formed a rigid foundation for technological advancements, it has simultaneously paved the way for advanced forms of cyberattacks. The ubiquitous presence of technological advent has greatly assisted attackers with various options for infiltrating data systems and deriving sensitive information without being detected. Hence, subjugating such threats necessitates a paradigm shift in cybersecurity—a transition from traditional approaches to advanced and comprehensive forms of protection.

With proven cybersecurity services and innovative technologies, Assured Enterprises provides an array of cyber solutions configured for vanquishing cyberattacks. It offers rigid cybersecurity for data protection down to the binaries by following a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment. Established in 2012, Assured Enterprises offers solutions that are applicable for every level—commercial or enterprise—and for organizations of every size. 

In-Depth Analysis and Assessments

Assured works with several industries such as banking and finance, law firms, and others, for providing cybersecurity services and also offers cloud security, pre-breach security for insurance, and IoT security. It follows rigorous assessments to troubleshoot the threat from its root—allowing users to take charge of their cybersecurity needs.

Assured incorporates in-depth analysis and assessments of cyberattacks and provides expertise in various fields. These include Cyber Maturity, Exposures, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Analysis, Analytics, Design and Architecture, and many more. It also offers unique and proprietary cyber tools.

Comprehensive Cyber Solutions

  • AssuredScanDVK®

AssuredScanDKV® is an easy-to-use deep software scanner that picks up where network scanners leave off. It detects the known vulnerabilities (DKV), pinpoints the location, and prioritizes the severity of each vulnerability. The company further provides detailed remediation instructions based on the assessment—without the need to access source code and with absolute secrecy over the data created using the software. It scans the binaries and unpack or unbundle libraries, executables, and dynamically loaded libraries (DLLs). The AssuredScanDKV® identifies about 20% of all identifiable vulnerabilities, threats, and exposures.

  • TripleHelix®

To address the remaining 80% of unreported, obscure vulnerabilities and risks, Assured’s team deploys TripleHelix® for providing a detailed understanding of the cybersecurity risks faced by the environment. The company conducts comprehensive cyber-risk assessments based on the TripleHelix® family of products. It enables the company to identify and measure risks—using CyberScore® and a sophisticated AI-driven risk analytics engine—to manage and mitigate risks. 

Its other solutions include Cyber Pro Maturity™ and Cyber Health Essentials™. While TripleHelix® is built for large organizations, the Cyber Pro Maturity™ and Cyber Health Essentials™ are developed for medium and small-sized firms respectively.

Professionally Proficient Leader

The team of Assured is spearheaded by the prodigious Stephen M. Soble (CEO of Assured Enterprises). Being at the helm, Stephen has led a team of engineers during the company’s development of its core products and supported a well-conceived engineering roadmap. He has also navigated a course of development for maintaining the company’s independence and dedication to an ambitious growth plan.

Stephen holds vast academic experience as a professional student. He has a successful graduate from renowned universities such as The London School of Economics, The University of British Columbia, Stanford University, and many more. Moreover, he received his JD and taught in the International Tax Program at Harvard Law School. 

Stephen possesses an intriguing journey as an international commercial attorney and businessman as well as a business leader. He has represented numerous government and Fortune 500 companies in their US government compliance, complex international commercial transactions, projects, and structured financing and intergovernmental affairs. 

Highly Recognized Services

Assured Enterprises has been enlisted as one of the leading cybersecurity providers and has supported the highest security levels of the US government. It represents one of the leading forces in the New School of Cybersecurity. The movement is focused on improvements in proactive cybersecurity, a dedication to fact-based, cost-efficient solutions, and a striving for innovation to out-think its adversaries.

Pioneering Shifts in Cybersecurity Paradigm

Assured Enterprises has shifted the cybersecurity paradigm through its range of comprehensive cyber solutions. The company helps identify gaps and vulnerabilities within a software ecosystem and shares its trade tricks to enhance cybersecurity maturity.

Along with its effective range of solutions, Assured aims to maximize cyber protection and does not necessitate recapitalizing the IT environment of any organization. Its solutions are easily integrable with most software systems currently available in the market today. Moreover, it works voraciously with its clients to help identify immediate and longer-term needs. The company also provides the tools to empower its clients to make informed decisions on additional enhancements which can be acquired and implemented over time.

Pinned Quote:

“The Best in Class Assured Enterprise Team strives to return the world to the place where it is once again safe to exchange zeros and ones in the Digital Age.”