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Clavister is the Next Generation Network Security Solution


Network set-up is not complete without Network Security. The process of taking preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction or improper disclosure is network security. 

No network is ever 100% immune to attack, and hence to have a reliable network security system in place is an unavoidable affair. It will greatly reduce the risk of a security breach that can compromise users’ systems. Clavister is an established network security solutions provider who has a wide range of product solutions designed to fit varying needs.

Clavister, the network security vendors, offer network security solutions for both physical and virtualized environment. The 1997 born Swedish company was founded by entrepreneurs Peter Johansson and John Vestberg. The 20-year-old company is a pioneer in virtual security solutions. They serve the large enterprises, cloud service providers, telecom operators, education and government sectors, retail, transportation, banking, and finance, to name a few.  And their clientele includes Nokia, Canon, D-Link as well as other collaborations with Intel, Redhat, VMware and many others. 

The ISO certified company is customer-oriented and quality-focused. They actively participate in the continuous improvement of their products, services, and operations that demonstrates world-class performance, flexibility, and robustness. “An all-communicating world, based on trust and security”, is Clavister’s vision. Clavister, thus far, has achieved an installed base of 20,000 customers with a 95% satisfaction rate and propelled it to be one of the few Swedish technology companies to be listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic exchange.

The company’s award-winning cybersecurity solutions give its clients the highest levels of protection against all threats of varying severity and promise unmatched reliability. Clavister is working towards getting its products evaluated and certified with the most prestigious Common Criteria EAL4+ and BSI certifications which endorse the integrity and security of the enterprise firewall. Clavister, recently, joined the Alliance for Cybersecurity, in Germany, which is an institution for committed security firms fighting cyber threats. 

Distributing ‘Secure Internet’ Connection 

Clavister’s globally widespread distribution partners and resellers play a key role in its success. ESTC of South Korea, Pedab from the northern European region are all recent additions to their huge list of sales partners. Clavister defined by resellers situated at different parts of the world is a proof of its unbeatable and innovative approach towards securing the cyberspace of its clients. “Clavister is an excellent choice… They’re constantly stating the importance of enterprise-grade security and requesting innovative solutions. That’s why we think Clavister will be a great fit, especially given its status as one of Europe’s main network security vendors,” says Roger Ison-Haug, Cybersecurity Practice Lead at Pedab. 

Products and Services: The Core

The technology to store and manage business data is vast, for example, Cloud, BYOD, Wifi etc. Bundled with them comes the risks of it being attacked. Clavister’s Next Generation Firewall is all one needs to keep their network safe and protected against cyber threats while keeping the business more productive and efficient as it should be. The Clavister solution extends to protect the virtual infrastructure too.

The Clavister Wifi Access Gateways optimizes the Wifi traffic, allocates varying bandwidth for different users, and secures the data transferred over the network, all while ensuring a top-notch Quality of Experience. The Clavister WAG offers great capabilities for service differentiation. Clavister’s solution serves users with limited, exclusive, or secure bandwidth and services depending on the user or the device type. 

Clavister’s Next Generation Endpoint Security Client deploys, manages, and protects endpoints of a business, irrespective of their type or location, against known and unknown malware. Built-in data leakage protection (DLP) doesn’t just safeguard sensitive data but also ensures that the data and products are GDPR compliant.

The Multifactor Authentication Server, the strong authentication solution from Clavister keeps cybercriminals at bay. The MFA server is scalable, robust, reliable, and can be easily deployed and integrated. The server communicates with the Next Generation Firewall and user directories. 

Clavister’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) products through Phenix ID, a division with Clavister group, helps manage and secure identities in a simple and efficient way. The solution includes SSO (Single Sign-On), self-service password management tool, a web-based user interface, optimal control over accounts, and many other provisions.

The Clavister Security VNF (Virtualized Network Function) for telecom networks uniquely combines high-performance, scalability, and carrier-grade features. Clavister using Virtualization Technologies such as SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) ensures that security is maintained in the Telecom Cloud.