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Hyundai Launches an In-Car Payment Option in Ioniq-5, An All-Electric Car

Hyundai has built a scheme for the paying of E-Cars, food, and car parks in the new all-electric cruising system Ioniq 5, the most recent example of car manufactures discovering new revenue generators and features usually linked to Smartphones that would give users the option to search and pay for E-Cars, food, and parking.

When the car will arrive in North America in the fall of 2021, Dominoes, ParkWhiz and Chargehub will start the payment scheme, said the company on Monday. One of the new details released during the Ioniq 5 North American debut was the payment scheme for in-car purchases.

The payment functionality is provided by the branded Hyundai-connected car system, Bluelink, which allows users to access different vehicle functions and services. In three separate sets, Bluelink, which includes a subscription, is provided for servicing and warnings for vehicles, remote temperature control and opening and locking, and the quest for the destination. In order to transfer the details to your Hyundai car, Bluelink is also connected to the Google Assistant feature on your smartphone.

The in-car payments system would soon grow to cover more businesses that are in the categories of EV charging, on-the-go food and coffee, and parking. A spokesman for the group said that Hyundai continues to introduce new dealers on the Xevo market.

The Ioniq 5 is the first battery-electric vehicle developed by the company on the new Electric-Global Modular architecture. This model, which is shared with Kia, is the framework for the new EV6.

E-GMP will be available on all vehicles under the Ioniq name. In 2019, the Ioniq 5 was shown at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, based on the Hyundai Concept 45, a monocoque body crossover. The Concept 45 designers relied on the first Hyundai concept – 1974 pony coupe – in some lines and characteristics. The name “45” derives partly from the angles of the vehicle’s 45-degree front and back.

The Ioniq 5 pricing is yet to be released.

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