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Ford’s F-150 Deliveries are About to Begin in No Time

In a piece of recent news, Ford has started deliveries of its latest F-150 Lightning. According to various reports, the first customer to get their hands on the electric pickup is Nicholas Schmidt. In addition to that, the company has also started full production of the EV in the designated location in April 2022.

First Customer of F-150

Various reports state that Ford has begun deliveries of its latest F-150 Lightning. According to various reports, the first-ever customer to get their hands on the latest Ford car is Nicholas Schmidt who lives in the automaker’s home state of Michigan and the location is around a two-hour drive from the F-150 Lightning plant in Dearborn.

Other speculations suggest that the electric vehicle is replacing a gas-powered F-150. In fact, Schmidt himself owns a Tesla Model 3, said he had considered buying a Rivan R1T and also placed a reservation for a Tesla Cybertruck. He said whichever electric pickup he was able to order first would be the one he bought. After taking delivery of the F-150, Schmidt canceled his Cybertruck reservation.

Commencement of Early Deliveries

Ford said at the beginning of this month it would start delivering the F-150 Lightning “in the coming days.” While it’s not the first automaker to deliver an electric pickup in the US (Rivian started doing so in 2021), it beat Tesla to the punch.

It had a leg up on Tesla in this market anyway, as the F-150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the US for the last four decades. Case in point: it received nearly 45,000 pre-orders for Lightning in just 48 hours. Given that the Cybertruck won’t go on sale until next year, both Ford and Rivian have a shot at building up a significant share of the electric truck market long before Tesla gets the Cybertruck into the wild.

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