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Easyray An Italy-Based Innovative Company Leads The Application Software & Technology Market On All Fronts

The software and IT developments over the last few decades have brought a tectonic shift in the way businesses, organizations and establishments function. Today, they have to direct a significant part of their focus on evolving and innovating new things especially with their software and technology applications. Innovation has become the key factor that differentiates the successful businesses from everyone else.

In light of the above, it is our immense pleasure to introduce Easyray, an interactive agency specializing in software, mobile apps and web development. Founded in 2001, the agency initially started as a freelance group that developed applications in ASP, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C and C++ keeping the usability and user experience at their number one priority. Ever since, this has remained their foundation in all their projects.

Antonio Raimondo, CEO of Easyray, spoke exclusively to The Chief’s Digest about the agency’s struggles and the journey to success. Let’s hear it from him.

How have you expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

In 2006, Easyray joined the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group dealing with project planning and digitalization. We created the UniPOS system (to digitally store the university exam results), which became the official system of University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia and Alma Mater in Bologna.

In 2008, Easyray was acquired by the Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR) and became the IT department for members (Regione Toscana, the Province and the Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Supe-than, CNR, etc).

In December 2012, Easyray detached from CPR, becoming an independent brand. Easyray continued the collaboration with the University of Pisa. Today, Easyray is still working with members of CPR in more than 20 projects and has a portfolio of around 100 customers.

What challenges did you have to face in your initial years?

Challenges are faced every day. What seemed like big challenges initially, now with experience, make us smile. Our biggest challenge was being able to carry out projects considered impossible by other developers. Many of our customers have called us disheartened. Today, they have their own product in the market. Therefore, we have learned that, with study, passion and continuous updating yourself, you can do almost anything.

How have consumer responses over the years motivated you to shape your offerings and grow the company?

Surely, the main initial difficulties were to learn and understand what was the best approach to tackle a new project. Over time it has happened that, in some cases, there has not been a good interaction with some customers due to a different language, so to speak. This sometimes led to delays and communication difficulties but it helped us to learn new methods and a simpler confrontation with those who come to us.

If you have to list five factors that have been the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why?

We would like to highlight above all 5 particular aspects of our company:

1. MULTIVISION: Our group has grown in time and now is not only a group of IT developers and engineers, but also includes personnel graduated in economy and web-marketing.

2. SHARING: What makes us a winning team is a strong ability to understand and to share the objectives of our customers: this is the pillar of problem solving.

3. FAST THINKING: The agility of our structure guarantees an extremely rapid quality service suitable with the customer’s needs.

4. ALL AROUND IT SERVICES: Our customers are diversified and our product portfolio includes all the trends, from those of recent years to those present, with an excellent projection to those of the future. The most developed trends of recent times concern ecommerce systems, home delivery, booking, blockchain technology and all those where processes tend to be dematerialized.

5. PROJECTION INTO THE FUTURE: Easyray applies the technological trends that will dominate 2020, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and big data analysis, exploiting the best technologies available and suitable for specific situations.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

Definitely good communication with our customers, from the first contact to the publication of the project. I must say that we are always very available, even if it is not easy because each of them would like to be followed in an exclusive way. We try to collect all their doubts, their requests, even when they arrive at advanced development and make us go back in the work. But when we finally see them satisfied, we are happy.

Where do you see you and your company a couple of years from now?

In the future, we are aiming at the international market. Today, we work for clients in Europe and Dubai but we would like to export our experience beyond that. It would be a dream come true!

The Man Who Made It Happen

Antonio Raimondo, CEO                       

Antonio Raimondo was fascinated about technology and computer science right from his childhood. After graduating from the University of Pisa, he has been a consultant for many national and international organizations. He also participates in the research and development activities in different topics in collaboration with several Italian Universities.

“The mirror of what happens in a close-knit company are its products, both from the point of view of quality and customer satisfaction. In a chaotic working environment, and without synergy, it is not possible to develop quality products.”