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NextIno Helping Enterprises Transform Their Operations by Driving Real-Time Data Insights and Decisions

The Atempo Group is a leading global player in the data protection sector that provides solutions to back up, migrate, and archive the customers’ data ecosystems. Looking at the growing volumes and heterogeneity of company data architectures, businesses increasingly require analytical tools to exploit and extract value from their data. To address this challenge, the Atempo group has created a dedicated innovation structure, NextIno. This entity will develop solutions based on new technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Machine Learning and AI. 

In conversation with the leading light, Luc d’Urso, CEO

How successful was your first project roll-on? 

Atempo’s product, Miria, is designed to backup, archive, migrate and move data on a very large and heterogeneous environment, where performance is the factor for success. Later, NextIno provided a component to make dynamic self-tuning using Deep Learning, and with this integration, Miria becomes more efficient on a very large scope of configuration.

How have you shaped your company growth and offerings over the years?

NextIno has developed a ground-breaking transformation: from Data Protection Solutions to a Data Management Suite. Data protection solutions are middleware with decreasing financial returns for vendors and resellers, and it is difficult to justify customers’ investment.

NextIno aims to initiate customer analytics to orchestrate intelligent data movement. It will leverage existing technology by using analytics as a StorStory product, or as a component of our data production portfolio. Moreover, NextIno/Atempo will enhance ROIs and expand revenues. StorStory is not a cost center but a way of adding value to the existing solutions. By using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based on data collected by StorStory, we can manage Data Protection Strategies, and predict any future architecture limitations.

What is Atempo’s value proposition?

Atempo, over the last 20 years, has developed technologies to make scanning efficient but only data backup (moving) is collected and stored on a database schema designed for data retrieval. Atempo has also developed the concept of Time Navigation to locate a historical backup from a point in time.

Our value proposition is that we will re-use the same concept for analytics capability to retrieve storage content from a point in time. This new concept opens the door to the next generation of analytics, processing Machine Learning from Analytics Data.

Machine Learning on analytics will not only providethe history and state of storage usage but also cater to data provisioning needs with completely new levels of precision.

With respect to innovation and performance, how would you describe your products or solutions?

StorStory: Augmented Analytics

StorStory is a highly innovative analytics solution thatprovides reporting for all on-premise data (Disk, Tape, Object Storage) or cloud (Public Cloud or Private Cloud). It is also designed to provide Data assessment, Time Navigation Analytics (to report not only a Data snapshot but also provide visibility of the past and present of storage and forecast).

StorStoryuses new technologies, such as Machine Learning, Deep Machine Learning, and AI to optimize, tune, auto-configure the solutions as well as analyze collected and modelized data. StorStory key innovations are based on: 

  • A scale-out solution to collect data using a StorStory agent pool close to the storage. 
  • Administrator analytics solution in addition to Self-Analytics (a user can analyze all their accessible data)
  • Using Machine Learning and AI for an adaptative Data Collect
  • Linear algorithms are not efficient enough due to a lack of dynamic adaptation
  • Linear algorithms need an expert and all components (infrastructure, hardware, software, etc.) to install and tune the product
  • Adaptative Data Collection based on Machine Learning and AI is crucial to have a solution which always leverages the infrastructure in place (self-tuning capacity)

How have you planned to go ahead with the company’s services?

Our scalability of service is based on the development of our OEM and Distribution networks that generate strong growth and multiple market penetration. In addition, our SaaS offer can scale infinitely. 

Atempo initiated this strategy successfully in 2018 on our backup product range, and we plan to embed the attractivity of (StorStory) to accelerate market penetration.

Meet the Duo Behind Nextino’s Success

Bernard Peultier, COO

With 25 years of experience in the technical and engineering fields, Bernard Peultier contributes to the development of Atempo’s innovative software solutions. In 2007, then Director of Engineering, Bernard developed ADA (Atempo Digital Archive), a multi-platform digital archiving solution dedicated to Big Data environments. In 2017, Bernard became VP Technologies and Innovation and was in charge of preparing the future of Atempo solutions until beginning of February 2019.With the opening of Nextino, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) center dedicated to innovative data protection and R&D, Bernard took the leadership and became COO of this new research center.

Luc d’Urso, CEO

A graduate of the ESCAE (Business School), Luc d’Urso started his career in Geneva, Switzerland, at the European headquarters of the Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) company. In the Marketing department, he worked in the aerospace and armament markets.

Following this experience in a multinational company, the creation and development of SMEs became Luc’s main professional occupation. After dedicating ten years to the development of companies specialized in international manufacturing and the distribution of sporting goods, he co-founded Future Telecom in 1997, a few months before the opening of the French telecom market to the competition.

In 2010, he created Wooxo, an appliance provider of data protection for Small Business. In August 2017, associating with Cyprien Roy, he bought the ATEMPO, European leader in data protection specialized in the business market, from the American group ASG.

“We love a challenge; finding the “right solution,” which does the job in an ideal world, no frills, no bells and whistles, which means more time for our customers.”

“We have a reputation for high-level technical expertise in protecting and migrating very large data volumes.”