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Bowes In Home Care: Providing Quality In Home Care and Optimum Care to the Patients

Over the past few years, the significance of in-home care facilities and services has drastically increased. Today, home care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the elder-care market, providing a plethora of options that include offering everything from personal assistance to skilled nursing. Due to the availability of multiple choices, in-home care has become a go-to choice for people. 

Amidst the increasing demand for specialized and personalized care, several in-home care companies have emerged within the market space by offering exclusive advantages. With the COVID-19 pandemic revealing the significance of healthcare in the long run, various companies have stepped up to provide opportunities for personalized care and assistance. 

Providing tailored in-home care to every individual’s respective healthcare needs, Bowes In Home Care is offering a full range of services along with optimum care to the patients. As a medical-certified and skilled in-home care company, it leads with a team of clinicians and professionals who are ready to serve. 

Empowered by Robust Foundations

Founded in 2005, Bowes has a strong reputation, built efficiently over a decade ago. A medicare certified home health provider, the company’s brand name runs strong and intact even within the current market scenario. It is a quality care provider that seeks to be innovative and forward-thinking in its delivery of patient care and their lives while being a positive and beneficial provider entirely to the patient and their family. 

Attributing Key Individuals at the Core

Bowes’ dedication to its team is what makes it stand out in the crowd. The company’s exclusive healthcare facilities have also earned compliments from critics. “In the end, nothing else matters if you cannot provide the quality care to your patient that is required, expected and a right to the patient. Our team understands this and that is why we have become such a well-known and respected provider since our inception,” asserts Michael Collura who acquired Bowes in 2010. Currently, he spearheads as the CEO and propels it to great heights.

Being at the helm of the company, Michael is entrusted with an array of roles and responsibilities. However, he admits being the least useful person at the company and attributes all its success to the team of clinicians. By coining them as ‘key individuals’ of Bowes, he accredits the team for providing required care to patients.

Operating on Fundamental Business Values

Every business runs on a certain set of fundamental values. According to Michael, ‘Compassion, Integrity, and Leadership’ are the core values essential for healthcare providers. These values represent the backbone of those who are at the helm of the brands’ mission or its impact on patient care. 

With that being said, the team at Bowes universally agrees that nothing matters if the patient care is not of the absolute highest standards of quality. Elaborating further on the efficiency of patient care services provided by Bowes, Michael expresses gratitude to everyone that continues to uphold the promise of providing the highest quality patient care as a team. 

Exclusive Focus on Care

The main goal of Bowes is to decrease readmission rates and to ensure that its promise of services is delivered each and every time. The company focuses to offer care in two aspects:

  • Care for the patients it serves and 
  • Care for the relationships it builds. 

Speaking of its distinguishing factor, Michael adds that Bowes’ resilience in the face of everything it has faced acts as a unique aspect of its business. No business is smooth and there will be challenges, mistakes and missteps that will lead to failure. However, a company’s ability to face the challenge, get back up, and move forward is what matters. Bowes’ patient care, irrespective of the objectives or hurdles that come in its way, is a quality upheld by the company and is valuable for the team as well as the patients who trust it. 

Stimulating Journey of Triumph

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed massive turmoil upon the world—especially in the healthcare sector, rapidly accelerating the stress of healthcare workers and professionals. It not only affected the physical and mental health of the workers but also impacted the functioning and operations of various healthcare companies. As a result, essential workers had to remain constantly exposed to the virus. 

Speaking of the challenges induced by COVID-19, Michael states, “Our challenges did not arrive until 2019. They were widespread and cancerous like all within the organization.”. Owing to the high-standard patient care quality provided by Bowes, the company managed to surpass the challenges induced by the pandemic. 

Provided the strength of its brand, the company did not require undergoing radical changes in its strategies or operations. However, Bowes also had to undertake several tough decisions. But, the difficult decisions implemented by the company over the past few years are the reason behind its current market position. “An amazing team then, now and well into the future. The Bowes brand and its delivery of quality care are stronger than ever!” says Michael. 

Evaluating and Scaling Success

The definition of success varies according to the organization. Every brand has its unique perception of success. For Bowes, the company, as a brand as well as a team, measures success simply in the lives it impacts on a regular basis. 

In the past few years, the team of Bowes has aced numerous milestones, advances, and achievements, despite being faced with a major pandemic crisis. The company takes pride in the feedback it receives from across the healthcare industry about the care provided by it and the team to bring that quality into the homes and lives of so many on a regular basis.

If we are not able to do good and do it right, nothing else would feel like a success,” concludes Michael.


“The nurses, therapists, clinical leadership, and support staff that ensure the mission of Bowes and its reputation as a quality care provider is what we deliver to every patient every day.”